Paper Pot of Gold Craft

Ready to start the hunt this St. Patrick’s Day for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? There’s no need to look very far! We have our very own pot of gold right here with our Paper Pot of Gold Craft! We’ve included a Free Printable Pot of Gold Template, too.

Paper Pot of Gold Craft main image.

While this pot of gold may not make you monetarily rich, it will make you rich in memories of the time spent crafting together! That’s even better, right? I know, a pot of treasure and fun quality time together would be the best.

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Make our St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft

Paper Pot of Gold Craft supplies needed.

To make our Paper Pot of Gold Craft you will need the Pot of Gold Template, construction paper in rainbow colors and black, gold glitter paper, white embossed paper, a glue stick, and scissors.

Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft Supplies

  • Pot of Gold Template
  • Construction paper – black, rainbow colors
  • Gold glitter paper
  • White embossed paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Pot of Gold Craft Step by Step Instructions

Select colored craft papers, white embossed paper and gold glitter paper for the craft. Also select blue paper or cardstock for the background.

Pot of Gold template pieces cut.

Trace the cloud shapes on white embossed paper, the rainbow patterns on the papers selected for the rainbow, the pot pattern on black and trace the coins on gold glitter paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Rainbow paper strips.

Now, glue the rainbow layer cutouts on the blue background paper. Keep the narrow ends of the rainbow layer towards the top and try to keep the rainbow pattern in the middle of the paper.

Glue rainbow paper strips.

Position all the rainbow colors one by one nicely.

Cut rainbow strips to fit pot.

Next, glue the pot on the background paper. You might need to cut the bottom outer sides of the layers on both sides diagonally to fit the pot’s top end nicely.

Black pot glued to bottom of rainbow.

Apply glue on both sides and bottom of the pot, but keep the top side open.

White embossed paper cloud glued to top of rainbow.

Stick the embossed cloud cutout on the top of the rainbow pattern.

Gold glitter paper coins glued inside pot.

Then, glue the gold glittery coins inside the paper pot through its top open end.

Paper Pot of Gold Craft styled image

Finally, trace and cut out shamrock patterns from green colored paper. Stick the shamrock paper cutouts wherever you’d like, whether on the pot, near the rainbow, or near the cloud.

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