Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this darling Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft serves 2 purposes. One, it’s a really fun and adorable kids craft. But it also makes a really lovely diy decoration for the dinner table.

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Pumpkins are quintessentially fall. Some people claim apples are the go-to fall fruit, but you can’t go wrong with pumpkins, either. Pumpkins everywhere! You know what else is everywhere this time of year? Sticks. And I love that this craft incorporates those, too.

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Make a Pumpkin Craft with Paper Strips

To make these super cute paper strip pumpkins you will need colored paper in orange and green, orange craft foam, small twigs, glue, and scissors.

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft supplies needed.

Some of the spots are held together with hot glue, too. But you can also use glue dots. Just make sure there’s adult supervision whenever the hot glue gun is in use.

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft Supplies Needed

  • Colored paper – orange, green
  • Orange craft foam
  • Small twigs
  • Glue
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Paper Pumpkin Craft Step by Step Directions

Cut a sheet of orange construction paper into roughly half inch strips.

Cut orange paper into strips.

You will need a lot of strips for each pumpkin. The actual amount depends on how wide you cut and how close you space the strips together.

Glue strips together in a circle.

Glue strips together in a circle.

Once strips are cut, glue one end of the strips together until they form a circle.

Bring other end of strips up and glue together.

Bring other end of strips up and glue together.

Now, bring the other end of the strips together and glue, creating a round shape.

Draw and cut a flower shape from orange craft foam.

Then, draw a flower shape to the orange foam sheet and cut. Make a hole in the center of it.

Break or cut a twig into about an inch size.

Cut or break the twig into about an inch in size.

Insert twig into hole of the foam and glue in place.

Insert the twig inside the hole of the foam and glue in place.

Glue the stem piece on top of the pumpkin.

Use the glue gun to stick the glued twig and foam at the top of the round-shape pumpkin for the stem.

Draw two leaf shapes on green paper.

Cut out the leaves.

Finally, draw and cut 2 pieces of leaves on the green paper.

Glue the leaves in place on top of the pumpkin by the stem.

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft.

Adhere the leaves on top of the now finished pumpkin.

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft styled image.

So easy to make more in all different shades of orange and all different sizes!

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