Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft

We’re super last minute with this Dr. Seuss craft this year, but if you’re looking for something super quick for last minute, then this Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft is such a fun and easy super last minute craft to make. And we have a Free Printable Hat Template, too.

Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft main image.

The super ease and super quickness of this super last minute craft is also what makes it simply super for the littlest of little ones. With the fun of painting with poms to make the hat for the Cat in the Hat, this is a really fun craft for kids to go along with the classic Dr. Seuss book.

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Use Poms to Paint our Cat in the Hat Craft

To make our Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft you will need just a few supplies.

Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft supplies needed.

Those supplies include our Hat Template, base cardstock, we chose blue colors, red and white acrylic paint, a black sharpie, clothespins, and poms.

Cat in the Hat Craft Supplies Needed

  • Hat template
  • Blue cardstock
  • Acrylic paint – red, white
  • Black sharpie
  • Clothespins
  • Poms

Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the hat template.

Hat template trace on blue cardstock

Cut out the template and trace on the base cardstock using a black sharpie. Also draw lines going across the hat to separate the red and white colors.

Red and white acrylic paint with poms clamped in clothespins.

Now, gather the red and white paint. Pour either in a palette or paper plate. Clamp the poms you’re going to use to paint in the clothespins. Smaller poms will give you more precise coverage while larger poms will be quicker at filling more space.

Stamping red paint with a pom.

Then, dip a pom in the paint and begin stamping the lines with the colors of the hat.

White paint on pom.

Use one pom brush for red and another for white.

Red and white pom painted stripes.

Continue stamping down the hat.

Pom painted hat for the Cat in the Hat.

Such a fun, simple, and great last minute crafty art project to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America!

Pom Painted Cat in the Hat Craft styled.

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