Potato Stamp Sailboats

Break out the potatoes for our Potato Stamp Sailboats! Easy to make your sailboats in a variety of colors, this is a project that’s super simple summer potato stamping fun!

Potato Stamp Sailboats main image.

This craft does require adult assistance, as you’ll need to cut the potato. Once they have the pieces cut, though, it’s an easy summer craft to stamp and create!

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Make Sailboats with a Potato Stamp

Potato Stamp Sailboats craft supplies needed.

To make our Potato Stamp Sailboats you will need potatoes, acrylic paint in an assortment of colors, blue cardstock, a white pen or marker, and scissors.

Potato Stamp Sailboat Craft Supplies Needed

  • Potatoes
  • Acrylic paint – assorted colors
  • Blue cardstock
  • White pen or marker
  • Scissors

Sailboat Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin with a sheet of blue cardstock.

Cut cardstock in fourths.

Cut the cardstock in fourths.

Have an adult cut potato in half. Cut one half again and the other half in fourths.

Now, adult step! Cut a large potato in half. Then cut one of the halves in half lengthwise. And cut the other half in fourths. This will give you stamps for 2 boat bodies and 4 sails.

Dip one of the larger potato pieces in paint.

Pour the colors of paint on a flat surface. We like to use paper plates. Make sure there is plenty of space between the colors or they will mix. Dip the cut end of the boat body stamp in one of the colors.

Stamp onto cardstock.

And press onto the blue cardstock.

Dip one of the smaller potato pieces in another paint color and press above the boat.

Sailboat stamps.

Then, dip one of the sail stamps in another paint color and press the sail stamp above the boat.

Draw waves and mast with white pen.

Finally, use a white pen to form wave lines across the cardstock. Also draw a simple mast connecting the sail to the boat.

Potato Stamp Sailboats.

Continue making more sailboats with more potato stamps!

Potato Stamp Sailboats styled image.

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