Reindeer Food Sacks

Every Christmas since my kids have been in school, at least one of them has brought home a bag of magic reindeer food. That shiny, sparkly treat that you spread out for Rudolph and the rest of Santa’s reindeer when they arrive to your house. Because all that flying around makes a reindeer hungry and so we like to make sure we have Reindeer Food Sacks on hand.

Reindeer Food Sacks Craft with Reindeer Food Recipe

Every Christmas except for this Christmas. Not one of my kids brought home a bag of reindeer food this year. I’d feel bad if we didn’t leave them anything, though, thus it’s up to me to make our own Reindeer Food Sacks. Luckily, I had a full container of red and green Christmas cupcake gems on hand for a project that never saw fruition. You could also use colored sugar or wildlife-safe glitter. Combine that with some oats and we have food that any reindeer would love!

Then, for the bags, we made brown paper sacks decorated like reindeer! It’s a fun Christmas craft project and traditional reindeer treats in one!

Reindeer Food Sacks

Supplies needed:

  • 2 cups oats
  • 4 tbsp red and green cupcake gems
  • bowl
  • brown paper sacks
  • long red pipe cleaners
  • red and black cotton balls
  • brown, white, and scraps of black paper
  • 1 inch hole punch
  • small hole punch
  • glue and tape
  • scissors

First, combine the oats and cupcake gems in a medium sized bowl. Mix together. Set aside.

Take a paper sack and fold about halfway down your bag. Unfold and tape or glue your red pipe cleaner across the fold so that about an even amount is sticking out on both ends. Bend a few different times.

With your white paper, punch two 1 inch holes for each reindeer. Punch 2 smaller holes of the brown paper and cut out a large circle of the brown, as well. With the black scraps, snip just enough for a small mouth. Glue everything in place. Finish the nose with a red cotton ball, for Rudolph, or a black cotton ball.

Reindeer Food Sacks Craft with Reindeer Food Recipe

Fill each with an equal amount of reindeer food and tape to close until it’s time to spread it out and wait for the patter of Santa and his sleigh led by hungry reindeer to arrive!

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