Ripped Paper Candy Corn Craft

Today, I’m sharing a super simple, super quick Halloween craft idea! These Craft Stick Candy Corns are also super fun, because the kids get to rip paper. And what kid doesn’t love to rip paper? These are great for little kids, too, because it’s really hard to mess these up.

Ripped Paper Candy Corn Craft

For a more precise rip, I suggest folding the paper first. You could even press down with your thumbnail to get a nice crease. But don’t try to make it too straight, though, because the edges are what gives these candy corns character.

Ripped Paper Craft Stick Candy Corn Craft

Supplied needed:

  • 3 craft sticks for each
  • yellow, orange, and white paper
  • glue
  • scissors

First, glue your craft sticks into a triangle shape. Let the glue dry.

Ripped Paper Candy Corn Craft

While the glue is drying, rip your pieces of paper. You’ll need the yellow and orange pieces wider and the white should be thinner, but really, just go with however the kids rip the paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t forget to fold if you want a bit of a straighter edge.

Ripped Paper Candy Corn Craft

Apply glue to the craft stick triangle and glue the pieces of paper in place. Trim off the excess.

Ripped Paper Candy Corn Craft

These Ripped Paper Candy Corns come together in mere minutes, so it’s a perfect last minute craft or for those who may not have the best attention span, too.

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