Salt Paint Mermaid Tail

We’ve had a lot of fun crafting for summer already this year, and this Salt Paint Mermaid Tail painting activity is definitely one of our favorites! They turned out so pretty, and so colorful, too!

Salt Paint Mermaid Tail main image.

Salt painting is such a neat process, but there’s definitely a few tricks to it. You want to make sure you use a generous line of glue, as evenly drawn as possible, and plenty of salt. Every bit should be covered. We also have a Free Printable Mermaid Tail Template to make the shape of your mermaid tails even easier.

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Mermaid Tail Craft with Salt Paint

Salt Paint Mermaid Tail craft supplies needed.

To make our Salt Paint Mermaid Tail you will need our mermaid tail template, heavy brown cardstock, table salt, school glue, and watercolors.

Salt Painted Mermaid Tail Craft Supplies Needed

Mermaid Tail Salt Painting Step by Step Directions

Begin by printing the mermaid tail template. Cut out.

Draw over mermaid lines with glue.

Line the template up against a corner of the brown cardstock. Trace. Then use regular school glue to draw over the lines.

Use glue to form scales and fins, too.

Also use the glue to make scales and lines on the fins.

Pour salt over glue.

Now, pour a generous amount of salt over the glue.

Shake off excess salt.

Raised salt lines.

Shake off the glue. We used a plastic cutting mat so that we could then gather the excess salt to use again.

Dab watercolors on salt.

Next, load the paintbrush with a watercolor color. You’ll want the watercolor wet, of course, but if it’s too wet then the colors of the mermaid tail may run. Lightly dab the tip of the paintbrush with the watercolors on the salt. Watch as the colors flow across the salt!

Color in scales and fin with watercolors.

Keep going with more colors and watch the colors blend together.

Continue with lots of colors until complete then let dry completely on a flat surface.

Paint the scales and fins, as well, in a mix of bright, ocean-y colors until the tail is complete.

Salt Paint Mermaid Tails.

After that, the most important step is to let the mermaid tail dry completely on a flat surface.

Salt Paint Mermaid Tail styled image.

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