Salt Painted Sparklers Craft

This Salt Painted Sparklers Craft has to be one of my favorite 4th of July crafts. It’s a stunning, bright, creative, and one of a kind art process for Independence Day. Plus, salt painting is just fun. It’s a great way to build excitement for the holiday.

Salt Painted Sparklers Craft main image.

When I was a kid, the sparklers were always my favorite part of July 4th. To be honest, I was scared of the bigger fireworks. But sparklers I could do. They were safe, no big booms, and the colorful sparks were mesmerizing. I love this sparkler craft because it brings back that feeling.

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Make Sparklers with Salt Painting

To make our July 4th salt painted sparklers you will need black cardstock, the heavier the better. You will also need other colors of paper to make the sparkler stick.

Salt Painted Sparklers Craft supplies needed.

The reminder of the supplies include watercolors, table salt, scissors, and glue.

Salt Painted Sparklers Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock – black, various colors
  • Watercolor paints
  • Salt
  • Scissors
  • Glue

July 4th Salt Paint Sparklers Step by Step Directions

Begin by cutting a sheet of black cardstock in half. The thicker the better for the black cardstock to stand up to the watercolors.

Black cardstock cut in half and thin strip.

You will also need to cut a very thin strip of another color of cardstock for the sparkler stick.

Glue thin strip from edge of black cardstock.

Glue the thin strip coming from the side of the black card.

Draw lines with glue from tip of paper strip.

Now, use glue to make lines coming from the tip of the sparkler stick. Make the lines in various sizes.

Cover all the glue in salt.

Once you’ve made all the lines, completely cover the glue in salt.

Shake off all excess salt.

Shake off all the excess salt. We funneled our excess salt into a little bowl to reuse on another sparkler.

Use watercolors to salt paint sparklers.

Salt painting 4th of July sparklers.

4th of July salt painting.

Next, load your watercolor onto a paintbrush. Gently press the watercolors into the salt. The paint will bleed through the salt and blend the colors together.

4th of July salt painted sparklers craft.

Continue painting the sparklers with your colors of choice until your sparklers are all set.

Salt Painted Sparklers Craft.

It’s so much to play with color combinations. Red and blue is a great choice for July 4th, but the yellows and purples really pop, too.

Salt Painted Sparklers Craft styled image.

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