Scarecrow Activity Pack

If you’re looking for some fall themed projects and activities to get your kid busy with, you need to check out this Scarecrow Activity Pack of free printable fall worksheets. These sheets can also be a great addition to all your family harvest celebrations or any other tradition you practice to celebrate fall. 

Scarecrow Activity Pack Free Printable Worksheets

Download our Free Printable Scarecrow Activity Pack

The bundle packs in 7 sheets centered around scarecrows. These are perfect worksheets not only for the fall season, but are a great way to remove any possible fear your kid could have around scarecrows. 

About our Scarecrow Activity Pack

This scarecrow activity bundle includes lots of fun literacy and math themed activities and sheets, perfect for young learners. 

You’ll find coloring pages, sheets focused on strengthening fine motor skills and word fun sheets too.  

There are also a couple of labeling sheets to help your kid get familiar with scarecrows. 

You can team them up with some fun scarecrow stories and also get them to learn about the purpose of scarecrows. 

These are perfect for your toddler, whether you’re a homeschooling mom or are just trying to supplement your kid’s classroom projects and activities.  

What’s Inside?

This scarecrow themed bundle packs in 6 sheets, plus an answer sheet, focusing on scarecrows, and aimed at strengthening your child’s vocabulary, math and fine motor skills. 

Build a Scarecrow

This one’s a great hands-on activity you could get your child to do. He’ll need your supervision of course, but this activity is perfect if you’re getting your child to learn how to use the scissors. 

Coloring Sheets

Any good activity bundle is incomplete without coloring sheets, so this one of course, had to pack it in. In addition to a color by number sheet, there’s also a sheet where your child can put his imagination to use and draw the scarecrow’s face as he likes.  

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots is another fun scarecrow themed activity to help strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and to get him more comfortable using the pencil! This can actually be a great pre-writing activity to get him to try.  

Word Search

There’s a word search sheet packed in to help build your child’s vocabulary, get him to learn more about scarecrows and open up discussions about the topic. 

Parts of a Scarecrow

You’ll also find an activity sheet aimed at getting your child to label the different parts of a scarecrow. 

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Books About Scarecrows

You can also team up this scarecrow activity pack with some fall themed books to make it more fun and interesting. Here are some of our favorites:

Making this Scarecrow Activity Pack More Fun

From exploring engineering concepts early to learning to establish control over the pencil, this fun activity pack is a great learning resource for your toddler.

That said, you can always take it a step further. Here are a few good ideas to get you inspired.  

  • To make the build-a-scarecrow even more exciting, you can get your kid to glue hay on the scarecrow’s hair and pieces of felt for his jacket and hat. 
  • Another great idea is to pair these sheets with one of the fun scarecrow crafts found on our site. 
Scarecrow Activity Pack Free Printable Worksheets

Scarecrow Craft Ideas

For a fun craft to go along with these scarecrow worksheets, be sure to check out our Craft Stick Scarecrow CraftCardboard Roll Scarecrow Craft, or our super cute Cardboard Roll Crayon Craft.

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