Simple Paper Turkey Craft

With all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to keep crafts simple. And we love our Paper Turkey Craft. It’s as simple as cut and paste with our Free Printable Turkey Template.

Simple Paper Turkey Craft main image.

You can definitely make these turkeys your own, though. Not only can you draw your turkey’s face, but you can also make his feathers any color you’d like. Go for traditional fall colors of orange and browns, or make the feathers wild like a rainbow.

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Make a Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Craft

To make our Paper Turkey Craft you will first need our turkey template.

Simple Paper Turkey Craft supplies needed.

The remainder of the supplies include cardstock in your chosen colors, a black sharpie, a glue stick, and scissors.

Paper Turkey Craft Supplies Needed

  • Turkey Template
  • Cardstock – grey, red, yellow, your chosen colors
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by printing the template. Cut out all the pieces.

Trace and cut template on chosen colors of cardstock.

Trace the pieces of the template on your chosen colors of cardstock. You will need colors for the feather base, feathers, head, body, wings, beak, snood and feet. Cut out all the pieces.

Glue feet to body and snood to head

Attach the feet pieces to the bottom side of the body base cutout. Also, glue the snood near the bottom side of the head cutout, slightly away from the middle.

Glue head with beak to body piece.

Then, glue the beak cutout near snood. And glue the head piece to the body piece.

Begin gluing chosen colors of feathers to base.

Now, begin gluing the feathers to the feather base.

Continue gluing feathers until full.

Continue filling the feather base with feather cutouts.

Attach feathers to back of turkey.

Attach the feather piece to the back of the turkey.

Draw simple eyes with a black sharpie.

Use a sharpie to draw the eyes of the turkey.

Paper Turkey Craft.

Such a fun, simple Thanksgiving craft that the kids are going to love to make and the adults will think are adorable.

Paper Turkey Craft styled image.

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