Sloth Heart Valentine Craft

There’s something just so cute about sloths. I find them fascinating. And this craft takes a really cute sloth and adds heart, for our Sloth Heart Valentine Craft. We’ve included a Sloth Free Printable Template, too, for easier crafting.

Sloth Heart Valentine Craft main image

Usually, you don’t see a sloth venturing too far, or too fast, away from their favorite perch with their arms wrapped around a tree limb. This Valentine’s Day, though, their arms are hanging on tight to your heart.

Sloth Heart Valentine Craft styled image on white background

The heart in this craft is also a great place to write your Valentine’s Day message. Looking for more Valentine’s Day crafts? Be sure to check out our Heart Flower Card Craft, this Cardboard Roll Love Monster Craft, our super cute The Dog Ate My Valentine Cards, and our Flowering Hearts Cactus Craft, to name just a few of our many fun ideas.

Sloth Heart Valentine Craft supplies needed

To make our Sloth Heart Valentine Craft you will need the Sloth Free Printable Template, cardstock, a black pen, glue, and scissors.

Make a Paper Valentine’s Day Sloth Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Sloth Template
  • Cardstock – dark grey, lighter grey, tan, red, pink
  • Black pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Select 2 different shades of grey, white and light brown cardstock for the sloth craft. Trace the body and head patterns on the lighter shade of grey paper and trace the 2 leg patterns on the darker shade of grey paper. Trace the eye patch patterns on brown and the round shape on white.

sloth template pieces

Cut out the traced patterns nicely.

brown eye patches glued

Grab the brown eye patch cutouts and the white round shape. Attach the 2 eye patches on both sides of the round shape, keeping the curved ends facing inside. Use scissors to trim the extra sides of the eye patches and align them with the round shape’s border.

face drawn with black pen

Attach the round shape in the middle of the head pattern. Use a fine-tip sharpie or black pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the sloth.

sloth legs glued

Grab the body pattern and the 2 leg patterns. Stick the leg patterns beside the leg parts attached to the body pattern, only gluing the open end overlapped with the body pattern and keeping the rest of the leg free.

sloth body

Attach 1 leg beside each attached to the body pattern. This is the backside of the paper-craft.

sloth head glued to body

Flip the body pattern to the front side and attach the head pattern with the body pattern, on the straight end part.

heart cut out

Trace and cut out a heart pattern from red or pink cardstock.

sloth wrapped around heart

Slide the cardstock heart between the legs of the sloth to complete the craft.

Sloth Heart Valentine Craft styled image on white background

How cute, right?! We hope you love this sloth craft as much as we do! And be sure to check out all of our fun Valentine’s Day crafts at Our Kid Things!

Sloth Heart Valentine Craft pin image

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