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This is a sponsored post for Poise Impressa. All opinions are mine.

Smile Laugh Have Fun Free Printable #TryImpressa (ad)

There’s a lot of movement that goes along with having 3 active kids. And where they go, they expect me to be able to keep up without missing a step. With school activities, day trips to the zoo, hikes through the woods, jaunts around the mall, along with some slides and swings along the way, there is always something to do and memories to make.

buzz abby dance

They are my greatest exercise. Not to mention all the little moments that make up every day, like games of tag, playing catch, silly dances, and bike rides.

riding bike

However, in a twist of irony, those children who expect me to keep up could be the reason I don’t. Because you see, giving birth to 3 kids does things to one’s body. Things that you’re forced to learn on your own the hard way, because nobody wants to talk about them. Things like Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Poise Impressa Sizing Kit #TryImpressa (ad)

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Otherwise known as SUI, Stress Urinary Incontinence is when you leak just a little bit when you laugh, cough, sneeze, dance, or exercise. Basically, a mom’s entire life could be one intermittent episode of SUI. But that’s why there’s Poise Impressa.

Easily found in “that” aisle at Walmart, Poise Impressa is like a tampon that gets inserted internally. So no one but you will know it’s there!

Poise Impressa Sizing Kit #TryImpressa (ad)

There are 3 different sizes with each in a handy Sizing Kit to get you started. As each person has unique anatomy, it’s best to begin with size 1. If you still experience leaks, move on to Size 2 and then Size 3 if needed until you find the size that works for you.

Poise Impressa Sizing Kit #TryImpressa (ad)

It may not be a fun subject to talk about, but the discussion is worth it when it means the rewards are so great. There are so many more memories to make, and something like SUI should never be what holds you back. Put your size in your bag and get moving!

Smile Laugh Have Fun Free Printable #TryImpressa (ad)

That’s why I made this Have Fun Free Printable. It’s a great reminder to get out there, smile, laugh, and live life!

Do you suffer from SUI? Smile, laugh, have fun and live life without worry by purchasing the Poise Impressa Sizing Kit on your next Walmart shopping trip!


  1. Such a cute printable – it’s great you have so much fun with your kids. Sometimes leakage happens so it’s good to be prepared!

  2. I hear ya. A woman’s body is never the same after having kids. It’s good to be prepared.

  3. I don’t have SUI personally, but I know a couple people who do suffer from it. Not sure they’ve heard of these Poise Impressas but will pass the info along to them. It’s great that it doesn’t hold you back from being totally there with the kids. – Katy

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