Sponge Stamp Ghost Craft

Looking for a frighteningly fast, spooky fun last minute Halloween craft? This Sponge Stamp Ghost Craft is your answer!

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There’s nothing difficult or complicated here. There’s not even any need for glue! Just cut a regular dish sponge into a simple ghost shape then stamp away on black paper. This craft is definitely a Halloween treat for all ages!

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Use a Sponge to Stamp Ghosts

Sponge Stamp Ghost Craft supplies needed.

To make our Sponge Stamp Ghost Craft you will need a sponge, black cardstock, white acrylic paint, a black paint pen, and scissors.

Sponge Stamp Ghost Craft Supplies Needed

  • Sponge
  • Black cardstock
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black paint pen
  • Scissors

Stamped Ghost Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin with a regular dish sponge.

Cut sponge into a simple ghost shape.

Cut it into a simple ghost shape. It should be rounded at top and fairly flat on bottom. We tried to make our bottom a bit wavy, but that didn’t come quite as hoped. Flat would be easier and work just as well.

Dip sponge into white paint.

Now, spread a generous amount of white acrylic paint on a flat surface. We like to use a paper plate. Then dip one side of the sponge in the paint, making sure it’s covered completely.

Press sponge stamp onto black cardstock.

And begin stamping on a sheet of black cardstock. Press on all around the sponge to make it’s fully stamped.

Once the page is stamped, let paint dry.

Continue making more ghosts across the page. Let the paint dry completely.

Draw oval eyes and a circle mouth with a black paint pen.

Once the paint is dry, use a black paint pen to form simple oval eyes and a circle mouth.

Sponge Stamp Ghosts.

Super easy and one of the best Halloween last minute crafts!

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