Spring Favorites for Toddlers

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Spring is finally here and it’s time get outside and get creative! My littlest guy wants in on the fun, too. While he may still be a little young just yet, I have a list some new spring favorites for toddlers from Babbleboxx that he’s sure to have a lot of fun with whenever he’s ready. Which, at the rate he’s growing, that’ll be before we know it.

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In the meantime, my daughter is putting some of those items to good use, too. We couldn’t wait to start with the Snazarooâ„¢ Brush Pens.

Snazaroo Brush Pens

Not just any pens, the Snazaroo Brush Pens are for face paint. Once my daughter realized this, she was excited to get a design across her cheek. We were sent the Adventure, Fantasy, and Monochrome packs of Snazarooâ„¢ Brush Pens. Each themed pack contains three easy to use pens, with a precision built-in brush applicator that’s fragrance-free, paraben free, and mess free!

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

I started by making a flower using the pink, purple, and silver Snazarooâ„¢ Brush Pens from the Fantasy pack. The face paint went on smooth and I was pleasantly surprised at my finished design. So was my daughter, actually, and she asked for a butterfly next.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

Then, when the fun’s over, simply remove the paint with soap and warm water. Be sure to look for the Snazarooâ„¢ Brush Pens can now on Snazaroo.com and Amazon.com.

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair Books

Books are good any time of year, and it’s something my youngest little guy can get a real benefit from now. Dinosaurs Living in My Hair is a series of whimsical, award-winning children’s poetry books written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated that encourages children to color outside-the-lines while embracing their creative, imaginative spirit.

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We were sent both Dinosaurs Living in My Hair books 1 and 2. The first book introduces Sabrina, a funny narrator with crazy curls whose imagination runs rampant when she imagines dinosaurs living in her hair. I’ve passed the curly hair gene onto my own kids, and I had to learn to love my naturally curly hair myself. I love how these books are all about how we should embrace what makes us unique.

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Find more information about the Dinosaurs Living in My Hair series on their website and get Free Shipping on your order with code FREESHIP.

PEZ Jurassic World Collection

Who doesn’t love PEZ? And what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Dinosaur toys, dinosaur crafts, and now dinosaur candy. PEZ is launching the all new PEZ Jurassic World Collection with three new dispensers: T-Rex, Blue the Raptor, and Dilophosaurus.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

Rawr! It’s everything kids love about PEZ candy in fun dinosaur form!

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

For more dinosaur offerings, keep a look out for the Jurassic World Click & Play Gift Tin available on June 1, 2018. This set will include four dispensers and act as an interactive and fun board game within each gift tin. Look for these products at select retailers nationwide and online at us.pez.com.

Sprout Crispy Chews

My littlest guy has a few months to go until we’re ready to try Sprout Crispy Chews as they’re toddler snacks recommended for 12 months and up, but I already know they’ll be perfect for our on the go adventures later on in summer.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

Crisped whole grain rice, real fruits, and vegetables are blended together in a delicious, chewy fruit snack that’s the perfect size for little fingers.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

Sprout Crispy Chews are available in the brand new Orchard Fruit & Carrot flavor and Red Fruit Beet & Berry. And they come in clear pouch, single packet portions that makes on-the-go snacking easy! You can find more information on Sprout Crispy Chews here and be sure to use discount code 25CRISPYCHEW for 25% off when you order on Amazon.

Zenni Optical Kids Glasses

Because it’s not fun to play if you can’t see, make sure those little eyes are getting the best of spring with Zenni Optical.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

Now, I just have to say, the Kid’s Flexibles Glasses from Zenni Optical are adorable. Designed with no hinges, no metal parts, and an adjustable or detachable strap, these glasses are made for serious play for toddlers to pre-teens.

Spring Favorites for Toddlers #Just4KidsBBxx @SnazarooFaces @zennioptical #spring #toddlers #kids (ad)

We were sent a sample pair without prescription lenses in our Spring Favorites for Toddlers Just for Kids Babbleboxx just to test out the fit and style of the Kid’s Flexibles Glasses from Zenni Optical. They’re really cute! If your little one is need of glasses, this video can explain the benefits further and check out Zenni Optical for ordering information.

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