Stamped Heart Flower Card

I had so many grand plans last month. And then I caught covid. Thankfully, I managed to get better in time to get in this really sweet and simple Stamped Heart Flower Card, a super cute Valentine’s Day craft!

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Want to give flowers this Valentine’s Day that will last forever? These heart stamped flowers are so sweet for Valentine’s Day and perfect for even the littlest of hands. Simply form an empty cardboard roll into a heart shape and stamp.

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Make Valentine’s Day Flowers with a Cardboard Roll

Stamped Heart Flower Card Craft supplies needed.

To make our Stamped Heart Flower Card Craft you will need toilet paper size cardboard rolls, a variety of colors of cardstock, acrylic paint in Valentine’s Day colors, markers, a glue stick, and scissors.

Cardboard Roll Stamp Hearts Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Cardstock – assorted colors and patterns
  • Markers – green, assorted colors
  • Acrylic paint – red, pink, purple, white
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Stamped Hearts Card Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by folding a base sheet of cardstock in half to form a card.

Fold cardstock in half.

And pour paint colors on a flat surface. We like to use paper plates.

Bend cardboard roll into a heart shape.

Now, fold the top of a cardboard roll in. Pinch the bottom. This will make the heart shape. You can then tape or use a rubber band to keep the shape so it’s easier for little hands.

Dip heart shape end into paint.

Dip the heart shape in a paint color.

Stamp heart onto card.

Press evenly to form a full heart shape.

And begin stamping on the card. Make sure the cardboard roll is evenly pressed on the card for an even heart.

Continue stamping a bouquet of hearts.

Continue stamping until you’ve made a bouquet of hearts.

Use green marker to draw stems.

Once the hearts are made, use a green marker to draw stems and leaves. Bring the stems into a triangle toward the center of the card.

Cut another piece of cardstock into a triangle.

Then, cut a triangle shape to go over the stems from another color cardstock for the wrapping paper. This is where you can have fun with patterned cardstock, too.

Glue in place over endof stems.

Glue the triangle wrapping paper over the stems. You can also use another color marker to draw a bow, or make other designs on the paper.

Stamped Heart Flower Cards.

And you have the perfect gift of the best kind of flowers!

Stamped Heart Flower Card Craft styled image.

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