Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts

This week, I had my kids make some Easter bunnies and chicks. It’s a simple craft, but we made them into true decorations with a paper stand on back for our Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts!

Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts #Easter #easterbunnies #papercraft #kidscraft #kidcrafts

For these Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts, you first need to make your bunny and chick faces. To do this, cut out a circle of yellow paper for the chick and white for the bunny. You may want to double up on the white paper, or use heavier white cardstock just because it can be see-through. Make their hair and ears. Glue on large googly eyes. Apply whiskers to the bunny with some thin scraps of white paper. I also added a red bow to the chick. Then, construct your stand on back. The stand is made of cardstock, and very easy to do.

Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts

Supplies needed:

  • white, pink, yellow, and orange paper
  • cardstock
  • large googly eyes
  • red ribbon (optional)
  • black pen, crayon, or marker
  • glue
  • scissors

Cut large circles from the white and yellow papers for your bunnies and chicks faces. Glue on googly eyes for each.

For the bunny, cut a small circle of pink for the bunny’s nose and glue on. Take thin strips of the white paper, tuck those under his pink nose and glue on. Cut out white ears and smaller pieces of pink for the inside. Glue those on the back. Draw on his mouth with a black pen, crayon, or marker.

For the chick, cut more yellow for the tuft of it’s hair and a triangle of orange for it’s beak, then glue those on, too. Make a bow with a piece of red ribbon and glue that on.

To make the stand, cut out a rectangle of cardstock to fit the height of your bunnies and chicken when folded. Fold and glue in place. Take a small rectangle and connect it from end to the other to hold in place.

Stand Up Bunny and Chick Easter Paper Crafts #Easter #easterbunnies #papercraft #kidscraft #kidcrafts

Of course, customize them however you and your kids see fit. Then place around your house for festive, and personalized Easter decorations! Check out more of our fun Easter kid craft ideas at Our Kid Things!


  1. What a fun craft project this is! My kids would love to make these with me 🙂

  2. I’m not crafty at all, so I really appreciate detailed directions and great pictures. my kids will love this, thank you!!

  3. These are such cute Easter ideas for kids! My daughter is 6 and her girl scouts on Tuesday night actually made the Easter bunny craft, so this is a neat post!

  4. I love how easy these are. I was actually looking for some simple crafts my kids could do once their spring break starts. Love, love, love this!

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