Suncatcher Heart Cards

Don’t settle for Valentine’s Day cards that are just like all the others. Make their heart soar with this gorgeous Suncatcher Heart Card Craft.

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These Valentine’s Day suncatcher hearts have so many wonderful things going for them. I love how they’re quite simple, yet make a big impact. The tissue paper heart is so vibrant and such a beautiful sight shining against the sun.

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Suncatcher Heart Cards supplied needed

To make our Suncatcher Heart Card Craft you will need brown cardstock, tissue paper, clear contact paper, a black marker, a white marker, and scissors.

Suncatcher Heart Cards

Supplies needed:

  • Brown cardstock
  • Tissue paper – assorted colors
  • Clear contact paper
  • Markers – black, white
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting a sheet of brown cardstock into 4 cards.

cards cut

The easiest way to do this is to fold the cardstock in half, cut. Then fold those two pieces in half again, and cut.

heart cut

Now, fold the cards length-wise. You can either fold exactly in half, or try angles. Just wherever you fold make sure you have enough cardstock to cut your heart with some space around edges. And cut your heart. Hold onto the cut out piece.

heart cutout

Unfold the card.

black marker outline

Take the black marker and trace around the edges. Also draw a string coming from the heart to off the page, like it’s a soaring heart balloon.

contact paper over heart

Next, use the cut out heart to cut a piece of clear contact paper just slightly larger than the cut out. We simply cut around the heart itself, but tracing and then cutting might be easier. You will also need a rectangular piece of contact paper large enough to cover the back of the heart, as well. Adhere the heart contact paper to the front of the card.

tissue paper heart

Then, use the cut out again to cut a heart from the tissue paper. Again, it should be slightly larger than the cut out. Stick the tissue paper heart to the contact paper. Also, if you’re working with someone just starting out using scissors, you can keep the shapes simpler. Simply use rectangle pieces of contact paper and tissue paper. It will still turn out beautifully.

contact paper back

And stick the piece of contact paper over the heart.

white marker clouds

Finally, use the white marker to draw simple cloud shapes around the heart.

suncatcher heart

A beautiful way to say you make my heart soar. Or, you light up my life. Or, just give the card and let the beauty speak for itself.

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Suncatcher Heart Cards styled image on white background

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