CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

If there’s one thing we have plenty of these days, it’s leaves. They’re all over the ground, blowing off the trees. Every color of yellow, orange, and brown. Perfect colors for this time of year. And they’re the perfect feathers for our Suncatching CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft!

CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Instead of simply raking them all into a pile, bring a little of the outside in and make these Fall Leaf Turkeys to celebrate Thanksgiving or just the season itself. Using old, outdated or scratched up cds or dvds, they’re a great way to repurpose another item we have a lot of. Why we have so many discs I have no idea, but stacks and stacks. It makes the Turkeys really lovely when sunlight bounces off the edges, though!

This is a really fun, easy craft that takes about 10 minutes per turkey, tops, but the end result is so cute.

Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Suncatching CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

Supplies needed:

  • leaves
  • brown cardstock
  • orange construction paper
  • large googly eyes
  • old cds
  • glue
  • scissors

First, go outside and gather some leaves. I used 5 leaves per turkey. Glue your leaves around the non-shiny side of a disc and then glue the two discs together. The shiny “bottom” side of the disc should be showing.

leaf cd


Trace a circle on the brown cardstock, I used a lid to a storage container. Make sure it leaves some room on the edge of the disc for the light to catch, though. Cut out one circle for each disc. Glue in the center of each disc.

Glue on googly eyes. Then, cut a square of the orange construction. Fold diagonally and glue on for it’s beak.

CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft

You can also make the leaves out of colored paper if you want a more permanent decoration. Then glue a magnet on back or attach a string to hang. Your kids will love getting out there and gathering leaves for this fall leaf craft, though, then of course playing with the turkeys afterwards. They’ll gobble, gobble it up! Be sure to check out all of our fun Thanksgiving ideas at Our Kid Things, too!

CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft


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