The Essential Realities Of Buying A Puppy

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The Essential Realities Of Buying A Puppy
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There’s a perpetual war going on amongst all of us, and it silently rages at all hours of the day, and at all hours of the night. Even when we’re asleep it’s ongoing, and even during our most positive moments, its hidden conflict belies a terrible truth. This is a truth that we hope to lay out for you, and discuss, all at your own risk. This absolutely insolvable quandary is simply trying to make the decision regarding which is cuter, a little puppy, or a little kitten? It’s hard to come to a conclusion regarding this most intractable of problems. Discussing subatomic physics and coming to pertinent conclusions seems more simple.

This cuteness overload, especially when owning a puppy (as they need more maintenance to develop well), can sometimes blind us from our responsibilities as a trainer and owner. We know we need to take care of the little pup, but the cuteness and beauty of such a little creature can leave us wanting to play with him or her for eternity. The only way out of this is to face the essential realities of buying a puppy, and they are as follows:

The Need For Training

It’s very important to train your puppy correctly, because while they seem cute and innocent or a little mischievous now, vital lessons such as learning boundaries and who has the final say (you) should be part of their growth. You can achieve this via utilizing dog obedience training, ran by professionals who are fully aware of how to better care for and train your dog in the best possible manner. This way, as they grow and become more capable, you will still hold that authority over them, and for them.

The Care Of Handling

Puppies are fun to play with. But it’s important to note that they are still growing, and that intense walking exercise, being trained to walk up the stairs or jump on the sofa may not be the best approach for their little legs to handle. Remember that they’re little creatures, and in order to avoid developmental issues later on in life, care and attention must be granted to them in the best possible manner.

The Reliability Of Love

A wonderful advertisement once circulated and it made a cultural impression hard to quantify. The statement within suggests ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.’ This is essential to consider. Buying a puppy is not buying a puppy forever. It is buying a cute little creature, but also a soon-to-be-adult, and a family member that will stay with you for years. Take care of them, feed them correctly, buy them the right implements, inspect their health (such as dental), and ensure you exercise them well enough. The more you can care for your dog, the more they will care for you. And there’s hardly ever a better friendship you will find on this Earth than the pure love between a dog owner and his or her pet.

With this advice, we hope you can better mitigate, manage and enjoy the essential realities of buying a puppy.

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