The Pet’s Effect Ownership on Graduate Student Stress

Almost every student feels increased psychological pressure. It is pets that save from depression and loneliness, improving mood. Their help is significant during exams. Scientists have long proved the benefits of owning a four-legged pet. Pets help older people, students, and even patients with severe pathologies cope with sadness and stress. Pets also positively affect the psyche of even young and ultimately healthy people.

When you do homework, you’ll be more attentive

Communicating with animals improves our mood and makes us happier, so you’ll study better. Researchers suggest that this is due to rising levels of the hormones oxytocin and the neurotransmitter serotonin, which provide a sense of happiness. Animals help to get out of depression and eliminate anxiety and loneliness. In addition, some studies have found that contact with animals has a calming effect, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces heart rate. And this is critical for students today.

But pets need numerous students’ time. Nowadays, it’s not a problem. Instead of thinking about who can do my paper, students can get help with homework from EduBirdie and have time to play with their pets. Many people think that pet and student is a bad idea because of lack of time, but many services can even write an essay for you. This way, you’ll be sure that your essay is perfect. So, you don’t need to be afraid to get a pet because with this tiny creature, you won’t feel stressed or depressed.

The Pet's Effect Ownership on Graduate Student Stress

You’ll be more active with your pet

Animals live according to their schedule, in which the accents of life correspond to the daily cycle. A dog is sure to wake you up earlier and require a walk or morning feeding. And this will be enough reason for you not to depend on bed. Morning walks with a dog help strengthen the immune system, are suitable for the heart, and help lose weight. If you feel slightly apathetic and inactive, the dog will teach you to be more cheerful, open, and determined. Animals have a great influence on human productivity, his psycho-emotional state and mood. Of course, your puppy needs to walk, but this walk is wonderful for your health too, and dog owners not only walk but also do additional exercises that they will perform one way or another.

A study in Michigan found that one of the benefits of a pet owner is that people who own dogs do about half an hour more exercise a week than those who do not live with a dog. As students can sit all day doing home tasks, having a dog in grad school is a great idea.


One of their professional occupations is canistherapy. This method of treatment and rehabilitation has existed for a long time and is now gaining momentum. Specially trained dogs visit orphanages, boarding schools, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries and schools. In the United States, full-time psychologists come with dogs to the scene of tragedies.

The origins of treating psychological illnesses thanks to animals date back to the end of the 18th century, when the Yorkshire Clinic for the Mentally Ill began to use dogs to treat patients. Even then, the clinic doctors noted that animals have a positive effect on patients. Students improve coordination and memory in such a way. Pets can even prevent suicide. It is pets that can motivate people to live on.

In therapy with animals, not only dogs are used, but also cats, horses and dolphins. Why are dogs so popular?

  • The temperature of a dog is higher than that of a person, which is why we are so pleased with tactile contact with our four-legged friends.
  • Dogs do not know how to lie and pretend – therefore it is easier to trust them than people.
  • Dogs don’t care how much you earn if you’re sick, and so on, they love unconditionally.
  • Even just 10 minutes of contact with your dog lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to research from the University of Washington.

The Pet's Effect Ownership on Graduate Student Stress

Animals protect our heart

By taking a dog, you can reduce the risk of death from heart disease, according to the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology. Researchers found that those who said they owned dogs at certain times in their lives were less likely to die of a heart attack over 20 years than those who never owned them. “Dogs can help people relax during stress, or dog owners tend to develop traits that make them resilient to stress,” the study said.

Pets can help fight cancer

One of the incredible benefits of a pet is its ability to help detect cancer. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, dogs can accurately detect early-stage bowel cancer with an unexpectedly high degree of accuracy.


So, it turns out that pets can be a perfect company when we are sad and support us when we are challenged. There seem to be enough convincing arguments if you’re still hesitant about having a pet. And if you have the opportunity – become a guardian of animals or join charitable foundations that work with them. The main thing is to love animals, take care of them, and they will thank you for your sincerity.

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