Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft

Look no further for a darling keepsake St. Patrick’s Day craft than our Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft. There’s gold thumbprints, there’s rainbows, and it’s a lovely craft for kids to make for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Because those little fingers and thumbs are worth more than gold, fill a pot with the greatest gift of all to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This craft is so sweet and easy to create, while the kids will love getting to dip their thumb in paint.

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Make this Thumbprint St. Patrick’s Day Craft

To make our Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft you will need cardstock in black and your base color. We chose blue and purple, but green or even orange would be nice, too, and great St. Patrick’s Day colors.

Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft supplies needed.

The remainder of the supplies include yellow paint, markers in the rainbow of colors, a glue stick, and scissors.

Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock – black, blue, purple, etc.
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Markers – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

St. Patrick’s Day Thumbprint Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by choosing your base color. We chose blues and purple. Green or orange would be nice, too.

Base cardstock cut in half.

Cut the base sheet of cardstock in half.

Make a pot by cutting a black circle then trimming the top and bottom flat.

Now, cut a pot shape from the black cardstock. To do this, simply cut a circle and trim a larger flat top and smaller flat bottom.

Glue the pot in place on the card.

Glue the pot in place on the card.

Yellow paint.

Then, pour some yellow paint in a seperate surface. We like to either use our paint palette or a paper plate.

Dip a thumb in yellow paint.

Dip a thumb in the yellow paint.

Make thumbprint gold coins overlowing from pot.

Thumbprint gold coins overflowing from pot.

And begin making gold coins overflowing from the pot.

Draw rainbow with markers.

Finally, use markers to draw a simple rainbow coming from the pot of gold coins.

Thumbprint Pot of Gold.

Such a fun and sweet St. Patrick’s Day craft. We hope you love making your pot of gold as much as we did!

Thumbprint Pot of Gold Craft styled image.

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