Top 9 trendy ideas for party decorations

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Modern decorators can make any dream come true: they create stunning compositions using classic latex balloons and link-o-loon balloons like these, fresh flowers and greenery, tinsel, fabric, paper and cardboard, glass and candles, and many other items.

Searching for the idea of your decor, you can use photos from your favorite magazines, plots of films and books, symbols, and important dates and numbers that are important to you. Just show your imagination and don’t be afraid to make bold decisions!

Top 9 trendy ideas for party decorations

Now we will share with you top 9 trendy ideas for decorating your unforgettable party!

Party program

Draw up a small action program and place it in the most prominent place so that your guests do not forget what awaits them at the party.
To do this, you can use an ordinary wooden pallet: clean it and write the evening program on it in a beautiful white font, then decorate it with flowers and greenery!


Balloons and parties are Bonnie and Clyde, shirt and tie, England and John Richmond…. Well, you get the idea — these two things are inextricably linked!

Latex and Mylar balloons, link-o-loons, confetti-filled transparent inflatables, items wrapped in delicate tulle, balloon arches, columns, garlands —it is impossible to imagine the decor of even the simplest party without them!

Remember to buy only high-quality balloons, be patient when creating balloon decorations, and show all your imagination — and your efforts will not go unnoticed!

Flower lanterns

Are you planning to keep partying all night long? Then buy some candles and glass jars, use a thin rope to create holders for them, hang your lanterns on the trees, and put candles inside. Decorate the jars with fresh flowers. Bellissima!

The food boat

If you have an old boat that no longer floats on the water, it can still serve you well at your party. Turn it into an extraordinary buffet!

To do this, clean its surface, paint it in a delicate color, lay some wooden boards on top of it, then cover it with beautiful fabric tablecloths and lay your snacks on it! Decorate your “table” with helium balloons, fresh flowers, and greenery.

Decorative pom poms

When the weather is fine, you can beautify your house or garden with these decorative pom-poms. It’s a good idea for a children’s party décor as kids are just crazy about pom poms!

You can make multi-colored bright pom poms or opt for just one or two gentle shades — it all depends on the concept of your event!

DIY wreaths

DIY wreaths of herbs, wildflowers, and twigs can be used throughout the summer. You can use them to decorate the doors of the house and the trees in your garden. It looks just nice and elegant!

Bohemian chic

This is another brilliant garden party decor idea.

If you consider yourself one of the sensual natures who lives for the moments of inspiration that takes you to the seventh heaven of creative ecstasy… Uh-oh, then you will definitely appreciate the mirrors in carved frames in the middle of your garden!

This is a little less romantic idea but the one full of action! If you have simple tools and basic carpentry skills, then you can easily build a multi-level bar from stripped planks!

Decorate your bar with drinks, fresh flowers, balloons, and candles, and at the very top, attach a LED “BAR!” inscription — believe us, it looks amazing!

Photoshoot background

A photo booth is a must-have attribute of any party! It is always interesting to design it, and you can shoot a video or make a “before and after” photo session.

You can create an amazing background using balloons of different types and sizes, fresh flowers and greenery, tinsel, beautiful fabric — or all this combined. This is going to be a fantastic show!

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