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Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft

What could be cuter than a giraffe? A giraffe that’s covered in love! This Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft is an absolutely sweet way to share the love this Valentine’s Day. We have a Free Printable Paper Loop Giraffe Template for the head parts, too.

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft main image.

We do love 3D paper loop crafts. And so the closer Valentine’s Day came, the more I wanted to do a paper loop craft for the occasion. Giraffes are perfect! Giraffes with hearts for their spots!

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft styled image.

Make a Giraffe Craft for Valentine’s Day

To make our Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft you will need our Paper Loop Giraffe Template, cardstock in yellow/orange, red, and an assortment of background colors, markers in assorted colors, small/medium googly eyes, stapler, glue stick, and scissors.

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft supplies needed.

A heart paper punch is also recommended, though we’ve included hearts in the template to cut, as well.

Paper Loop Giraffe Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper Loop Giraffe Template
  • Cardstock – yellow/orange, red, assorted background colors
  • Markers – assorted colors
  • Googly eyes, small-medium
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Heart paper punch (optional)

Giraffe Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by cutting a sheet of yellow or orange paper in half for the giraffe neck.

Cut giraffe neck cardstock color and base card in half.

Also cut your background color in half as well. We used blues, purple, and green for our background, but you could also try pink or red for Valentine’s Day, as well.

Draw hearts around yellow or orange cardstock.

Use a marker to begin drawing hearts in random sizes and placements around the yellow/orange sheet.

Form in a loop and staple to secure.

Now, roll the yellow/orange sheet in a loop and staple to secure.

Staple paper loop toward bottom of base card.

Then staple the loop towards the bottom of the base sheet, as well.

Cut out giraffe head template pieces.

Next, print the giraffe template pieces. Cut out. Trace all but the hearts on the same color cardstock as the neck. Cut out.

Draw nose with a marker and adhere googly eyes.

Use a marker to draw a nose on the oval. Adhere googly eyes, too.

Glue ears in place.

Glue ears in place.

Glue ossicones in place.

Glue the ossicones in place, too. That’s the horn-like things. DId you know they were called ossicones? We only learned while putting these giraffes together.

Glue hearts to ends of ossicones.

Now, use a heart punch or the hearts in our template to make 2 red hearts. Glue to the top of the ossicones.

Glue giraffe head to paper loop.

And glue the completed head to the top of the paper loop.

Use markers to draw hearts around giraffe.

Finally, use another marker to draw a few hearts around the giraffe.

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffes.

So cute! We love these giraffes for Valentine’s Day! You could easily make them any time of year, too.

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft styled image.

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