Water Fun with Water Wubble

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There is nothing that gets my kids outside more during the hotter parts of spring and summer than playing in water. Whether it’s sprinklers, our backyard pool, or fun with the hose, I always try to keep a variety of water activities available. Because it’s fun in the sun just as long as they can get wet. Now, they have another way to splash and play with Water Wubble®!

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Water Wubble is the world’s only refillable, unpoppable, self-sealing water balloon ball! You can fill it at the faucet, with the hose, or just dunk in water as no spigot is necessary. So it makes a great pool toy and the perfect take-along to the beach, too.

Water Fun with Water Wubble #WaterWubble (ad)

Are you ready for war? It’s like your classic water balloon battle, only better since Water Wubble can be thrown again and again. You can also use it like a water pistol or just squish it in your hands and spray water all over someone. It’s also fun when the ball slips out of your hand while filling and shoots water into the air, as we found out.

Water Fun with Water Wubble #WaterWubble (ad)

Water Wubble is going to be such a hit this summer, I can tell already! It was so easy for us to fill the balloon, and then squeeze the water into the air. There are so many possibilities! And I love that a package comes with 8 Water Wubble balloon balls, so there’s plenty to go around.

Water Fun with Water Wubble #WaterWubble (ad)

The only problem is that we chose a rather cool spring day to try out our Water Wubble balloon balls. Of course, we couldn’t pick the 80 degree day we were enjoying just the day before. No, the 55 degree day is apparently better. That’s spring in the Midwest for you. Oh well, at least we know what we’ll be doing once it warms up again. My mischievous girl here, she can’t wait to get her brothers!

Water Fun with Water Wubble #WaterWubble (ad)

Where to Find Water Wubble

Water Wubble is available for purchase on their website at www.waterwubble.com. Water Wubble products are also available at Target, Toys R Us and more!

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