Ways To Keep Your Interior Moving With The Times

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Sometimes you can look around your home and realise it’s incredibly outdated. The living room is a little too noughties, and the kitchen hasn’t seen a fresh coat of paint since the 80s. And when you notice these things, it can drive you wild! You want to have an interior that moves with the times, and is able to outlast generations with just how nicely decorated it is. And to help out with that, we’ve listed some tips below to help you keep your space fresh.

Ways To Keep Your Interior Moving With The Times
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Mix Old and New

Mixing old and new furniture is a great way to add some depth and dimension to your space. It helps you show your own personality, and gives the room you’re in a lot of good character. After all, not every style is actually good, and trying to stay on trend is just ridiculous! So mix and match here.

Dig out old pieces a relative left you and mix them with contemporary accents. A lovely set of new curtains, combined with a similarly colored but vintage rug, is a good example of how to tie the room together. And if you ever get bored of the look, you can hire a unit from somewhere like StorageArea.com to switch your furniture pieces in and out easily.

Make a Crafts Wall

Set aside one room in your home for hanging up all the things you and your kid have made over the years. Start from the humble beginnings, where you only made simple crafts that look a little sloppy and build up to the more 3D, creative items you made recently. Think of it as a showcase of your family’s artistic talents over the years, and let it be a reminder that you can always make something new when you set your mind to it.

Throw Some Paint Around

A bit of paint here and there works wonders for updating your home’s look. And seeing as paint is cheap, and most furniture in the home is safe to paint on, you can do this time and time again whenever you feel like making a change. So get some green or blue paint and make that sideboard look fresh, or make a mural on the wall behind the sofa. It’ll help the room to look unique, and it’s the kind of backdrop anyone would want in their home – what could be more stylish?!

Literally Highlight

As with makeup, use clever bits of shine here and there to put a highlight on certain things in your rooms. A candle here, a table lamp there, and you’ll have a much more cozy and intimate looking space to relax in. And there’s nothing light can’t do for a space that’s otherwise a little negative or overwhelmingly empty!

Your interior can stay looking fresh and up to date with just a few tweaks in a few places. Use tips like these to keep it simple and make a change within a simple afternoon.

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