Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher Craft

Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher Craft

Supplies needed

– Clear wrapping paper – Mod Podge – Tissue paper – rainbow colors – Small craft sticks – Brown cardstock – Glue stick – Scissors

Begin by cutting a strip of the clear wrapping paper. It should be wider then you know you’ll need and long enough to fold over.  Tape one end to the surface you're working on.

Then, apply Mod Podge to the wrapping paper, in an area slightly larger than you’ll need.

Cut colorful bits of tissue paper. You could do squares, strips, circles, torn pieces, etc.

Begin positioning the tissue paper pieces on the area of Mod Podge.

Once your pattern is set, apply another layer of Mod Podge to the top of the tissue paper pieces.

Fold the other end of the wrapping paper over the tissue paper.  Smoosh flat.

Place your circle template over the tissue pape, trace, and cut out.

Cut a rectangle out of brown cardstock. Glue to 2 craft sticks to form a basket.

Glue the basket to the tissue paper circle.

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