What Can My Baby Drink, Other Than Milk?!

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It’s a question you may have asked as a first time mother. Babies drink milk often. Every day. All day. That is what helps them grow and develop and breast milk of course is full of all the necessary nutrients that they need to thrive. But as time goes on you may want to introduce new things in their diet and not just food but also new drinks. Water of course is something that anyone can drink of any age and it’s good to encourage your child to drink water to help with hydration and digestion and of course general health. Using a brita filter will help purify it further.

What Can My Baby Drink, Other Than Milk?!
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Once we know what our babies can eat from six months on we may also want to know what they can drink! Milk will always be a favourite for babies to develop their bones and bodies well but you could perhaps look at different types of milk for a change and see what may work for them. Some babies may be lactose intolerant but you will soon find this out as time goes on.

  • Breast milk – the best formula that there is and they can continue drinking for as long as you see necessary as a mother.
  • Formula milk – look to see what the best type is with the best benefits. Please make sure to visit myorganiccompany.store which has a diverse offer of high-quality baby formulas.
  • Non-cow’s milk formula – if your baby is lactose intolerant there are other options for you to try.
  • ‘Goodnight’ milk – milk to help them sleep and aid relaxation.
  • Water – for hydration although there are also other drinks they can have which we will get to.
  • Goats’ and sheep’s milk – these have properties also for calcium and vitamin D.

Flavoured milk however is not recommended at all for young children or even small children for that matter due to processes and the type of things inside them that they may not be able to process well. Juicies? Can babies drink juice? Can babies drink coconut water? Yes and yes. Do your research into the brest brands and ones that know about children’s health also but it is safe and nutritious for them. Some juices may be too acidic for their little bodies and digestive systems, such as tomato juice and anything too laced with sugar, such as grape juice but be sure to look at what is inside the juice and buy organic where you can.

Caffeine is a no go! It heightens the nervous system and makes everything a little faster paced which is fine for adults but in babies it will not bode well on their gentle systems. You must also avoid sugar as this could rot their teeth or hinder their dental health and this is a definite no go from dentists and doctors alike. Overall, be sensible with what they drink, look for delicate drinks and always be sure to research before you give your child anything. Their bodies are very sensitive and may not react well, they are learning what they like and dislike too.

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