Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders

If you need a few little friends to hold your pencils while contemplating your homework, then you will love these Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders! So unbelievably easy, but even more unbelievably cute!

Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders main image.

I don’t like to use a lot of hot glue with kids, so we made our monster pencil holders with glue dots. But you could certainly use hot glue, instead. Just make sure there’s adult supervision.

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Make Monster Pencil Holders Wrapped in Yarn

Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders craft supplies needed.

To make our Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders you will need empty, dry, and clean aluminum cans, yarn in various fun colors, googly eyes in various sizes, glue dots or hot glue, and scissors.

Googly Eyed Monster Pencil Holder Craft Supplies Needed

  • Aluminum cans
  • Yarn
  • Googly eyes, various sizes
  • Glue dots
  • Scissors

Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holder Step by Step Directions

Start with a clean, dry aluminum can like a soup or vegetable can.

Secure beginning end of yarn to aluminum can with glue dot or hot glue.

You can use a glue dot to secure the beginning end of the yarn in place. Of course, you can use hot glue instead. Then begin wrapping the yarn around the can.

Wrap with yarn until covered.

Continue wrapping the yarn until the can is completely covered. Secure the end with another glue dot, or hot glue. I then like to move a couple of the other strands over the end just to make sure it was tucked in there.

Add fun googly eyes for your monster.

Finally, add eyes to your monster. The eyes are what makes your monster come to life. Does it have 1 eye, 3 eyes, 5 eyes, or 2? Small eyes? Large eyes? What kind of monster do you think it is?

Yarn Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders.

So fun, and an absolutely adorable addition to a homework desk!

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