Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft

Get ready to cool off after a day spent in the heat of summer with our Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft! Simply wrap colors of yarn around a popsicle shaped piece of cardboard for a super sweet treat, and a perfect summer play craft!

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Have a real popsicle and take some inspiration to make this craft! What color is it? Make a yarn wrapped popsicle in that color. Or make it green, blue, yellow, orange… the possibilities are endless! And so much!

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Make an Easy Popsicle Craft with Yarn

To make our Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft you will need yarn in multiple bright colors, cardboard, craft sticks, scissors, and hot glue.

Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft supplies needed.

Normally, I don’t like to use hot glue when working with kids. Hot glue is, well, hot. But you really only need the hot glue to start the yarn and keep in place. The rest is just wrapping.

Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard
  • Yarn – multiple colors
  • Craft sticks – jumbo and regular
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Popsicle Yarn Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin with a piece of cardboard.

Draw an arc on cardboard.

Draw an arc on the cardboard to your desired size.

Cut out the arc.

Cut out.

Use the glue gun to secure yarn in place at top of popsicle and begin wrapping.

Now, use the glue gun to secure the yarn at the top of the arc. Begin wrapping.

Continue wrapping with colors of yarn until full.

Continue wrapping the cardboard with yarn until covered, using your choice of colors. Finish each color by using the glue gun to glue into place.

Insert craft stick and glue.

Next, gently Insert a popsicle stick between the yarn and the carton. Use a jumbo popsicle stick for large popsicles, the regular popsicle sticks for smaller popsicles. Make sure that the craft stick is positioned in the middle of the popsicle. Then carefully glue inside. You could also glue the popsicle stick to the cardboard before wrapping with yarn.

Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Craft.

How sweet, right?! Make small popsicles and large popsicles, too. A deliciously simple summer craft!

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