5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Family Active

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Everyone, young and old, can reap the benefits of engaging in routine physical activity. Unfortunately, people often find regular exercise a challenging feat to conquer, especially those with hectic family lives. Plus, most children are too preoccupied with phones, tablets, and the latest gadgets to set aside time for their physical health.

5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Family Active

However, remaining active as a family doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Instead, try out the following five creative approaches to exercise and movement, and watch as your family falls in love with physical activity.

Adopt a four-legged exercise buddy

Adopting a four-legged friend is an excellent way to add exercise into your family’s daily routine. Not to mention you can put your children’s nonstop pleas for a canine companion to rest once and for all.

Regardless of age, dogs need consistent physical activity to stay fit and healthy and will rely on you for engagement. By walking around the block, hiking nature trails, and playing fetch with your rambunctious furry friend, you can guarantee your family moves their bodies each day.

When searching for breeds, stick to family-friendly pups, like golden or labrador retrievers, to ensure you and your little ones can handle their temperament. Once you’re ready to embrace your little bundle of energy, visit a reputable white lab breeder in your area.

Home improvement projects

For those who have been putting off projects around the house, inviting your family to help move the process along is an excellent way to remain active without dreaded gym trips. By allowing your kids to engage in home improvement projects, they can learn new skills, bond with loved ones, and build muscle without leaving home. Whether it’s a deep clean or a new built-in shelf, your family—and your home— will thank you.

Outdoor games

Find your inner child and join your kids in outdoor games, teaching them popular recess activities from when you were their age. Break out the hula hoops, jump ropes, chalk, and four-square ball, and challenge your children to a friendly competition. Not only will they enjoy their time in the sun away from technology, but they’ll also break a much-needed sweat.

Plant a garden

A fun, educational way to get out in the sunshine and stay active every day is by inviting your children to help with the garden. Encourage your children to find their green thumb and plant a family garden, a skill they can take into adulthood. When it’s time to harvest, your kids will be more willing to eat fruits and vegetables they grew with their own little hands.

Dance party

An unassuming, sweat-inducing exercise sure to fire up antsy children is turning up the music and dancing to the rhythm. Dancing is an excellent source of cardio for children reluctant to engage in traditional endurance exercises, like running or HITT workouts.

Let your kids choose their favorite music and have a dance contest, raising their heart rate without raising their suspicion of hard-core exercise.

Before you go

Though your loved ones may protest the reduction of screen and couch time, it won’t be long before your kids begin to jump at the chance to get outside and exercise. By engaging in physical activity with your family, you encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow older, ensuring their health and happiness.

Whether you turn on the tunes and dance the night away or break out the sprinklers during a heat-filled summer day, your kids will relish in fun-filled exercises.

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