Letter Crafts

Is your child learning all about their alphabet? These alphabet letter crafts are a great addition to the lesson. Each letter craft includes an easy craft template to both cut out the letter and make a craft of a word starting with that letter.

Z is for Zebra Letter Z Craft
Y is for Yarn Letter Y Craft
X is for Xylophone Letter X Craft
W is for Walrus Letter W Craft
V is for Volcano Letter V Craft
U is for Umbrella Letter U Craft
T is for Tent Letter T Craft
S is for Sheep Letter S Craft
R is for Raccoon Letter R Craft
Q is for Quilt Letter Q Craft
P is for Penguin Letter P Craft
O is for Octopus Letter O Craft
N is for Night Letter N Craft
M is for Mitt Letter M Craft
L is for Lamb Letter L Craft
K is for Kite Letter K Craft
J is for Jeep Letter J Craft
I is for Icicle Letter I Craft
H is for Hawk Letter H Craft
G is for Goat Letter G Craft