Apple Fingerprint Worm Craft

Simple crafts are sometimes the best crafts. The kind of crafts that take about 5 minutes to complete, so you can make a lot of them to hang around or pass along. Like this Apple Fingerprint Worm Craft. With a Free Printable Apple Template, too.

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This apple craft is a take on our spring Fingerprint Caterpillars and is perfect for a preschool teacher’s gift, a fun back to school craft, or to welcome the upcoming fall and school season. It’s a sweet keepsake for mom, too.

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To make our Apple Fingerprint Worm Craft you will need our Apple Template, cardstock in red, green, and brown, brown and green acrylic paint, a ⅝” hole punch, small googly eyes, a glue stick, and scissors.

Make Apple Fingerprint Worms

Supplies needed:

  • Apple Template
  • Cardstock – red, green, brown
  • Acrylic paint – brown, green
  • Googly eyes, small
  • ⅝” hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by printing the template. Then, trace the apple shape on red paper, the leaf on green, and brown stem.

apple paper template pieces

Cut out all the pieces.

small hole on side of apple with hole punch

Punch a hole with the ⅝” hole punch along the side of the apple shape for the worm to come wiggling out of.

leaf and stem glued in place

Glue the stem and leaf in place.

fingerprint worm

Now, gather either brown or green paint for the worm. Dip a fingertip in the paint and, starting at the hole, make your squiggly, wiggly worm!

brown fingerprint worm on apple

When it comes to the head, we like to use our finger in a circle to make the head just a bit bigger than the rest of the body.

small googly eyes on fingerprint worm

Adhere small googly eyes.

finished apple fingerprint worms

Make red apples, green apples, worms love all kinds of apples! Teachers, and mom, will love these worms and apples, too!

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apple fingerprint worm craft styled image on white background

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