Bottle Cap Angels Craft

I have a fascination with angels. In fact, I have a growing collection of angel figures and pictures throughout my home. And I was practically giddy when I came up with this craft idea for Bottle Cap Angels with the kids and we were so happy at how beautifully they turned out!

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Kids Craft

For our Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Craft, you’ll need iced coffee bottle caps, first and foremost. I drink a lot of this iced coffee, so gathering together enough for our craft was no problem.

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Kids Craft

You’ll also need dessert-sized paper plates, antique or off-white color acrylic paint, yellow yarn, a fine-tipped marker, and gold pipe cleaners along with the usual scissors, glue, paint brush, and tape.

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Craft

Supplies needed:

  • iced coffee bottle caps
  • small dessert-sized white paper plates
  • antique white color acrylic paint
  • yellow yarn
  • gold pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • school glue
  • clear tape

First, paint the inside and outer rim of the bottle caps in the antique color. You may need a few coats. Let dry completely.

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Kids Craft

Then, cut a small paper plate in half. Cut that half in half again, then take one of those pieces and cut in half yet again. So you should have 3 pieces from one half of a paper plate. In other words, 1 small paper plate will make 2 angels.

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Kids Craft

Overlap the ends of the two smaller pieces and glue together. Then, apply more glue to affix the bottle cap in the center of the glued pieces. Glue the larger piece towards the bottom of the bottle cap, as well. Let the glue dry and set.

Bottle Cap Angels Christmas Kids Craft

Apply glue around the outside rim of the bottle cap. We took 2 small pieces of yellow yarn and glued in place on both sides to make middle-parted side swept bangs. Then snip 4 longer strands of yarn and glue in place around the bottle cap.

Cut a gold pipe cleaner in half. Leaving about half an inch on end, make a circle and twist the other end around to secure. Bend in place for a halo and tape in place along the back of the bottle cap. Then finally, use a marker to draw a face for your angels.

These Bottle Cap Angels would make a wonderful Christmas tree ornament or decoration. I have to say, I think these are one of my favorite craft projects so far. Be sure to check out more Christmas craft ideas and recipes at Our Kid Things!

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