Cardboard Roll Stamp Starfish

Can I just say how stunning I think this Cardboard Roll Stamp Starfish Craft turned out? Because I really do think they’re quite beautiful, and I hope you’ll have as much fun making them as we did. We’ve included a Free Printable Starfish Template, too!

cardboard roll stamp starfish craft main image on white background

So this starfish craft is foolproof, actually, and perfect for even the smallest of hands. Simply trace on paper, give some paint and a cardboard roll, and let them stamp away! You can also cut out first, as we show you in the directions below, but the smallest hands may prefer the freedom of stamping first.

cardboard roll stamp starfish craft styled image on white background

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cardboard roll stamp starfish craft supplies needed

To make our Cardboard Roll Stamp Starfish Craft you will need our Starfish Template, cardboard rolls, cardstock in brown, pink, red, and blue, acrylic paint in white, light blue, and yellow, along with scissors and clear tape.

Starfish Stamps with a Cardboard Roll

Supplies needed:

  • Starfish Template
  • Cardboard rolls
  • Cardstock – brown, pink, red, blue
  • Acrylic paint – white, yellow, light blue
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

Begin by printing the starfish template.

starfish template traced

Trace the template on the color cardstock of your choice. Brown is good for starfish, but pink and blue make them colorful, too.

starfish cut out of brown cardstock

Cut out the starfish.

small snip on starfish

Also make a small snip as shown.

cardboard roll in paint

cardboard roll paint

Now, squeeze a generous amount of paint on a large surface. We like to use paper plates. Dip the end of a cardboard roll in the paint.

starfish stamping

stamped starfish

And begin making circles over the starfish. Allow the paint to dry completely.

overlapping at snip with tape to secure

Once dry, overlap at the snip and tape to secure in back.

puffed up swimming starfish

Gently fold the legs in half length-wise, as well, to make the starfish puff up like it’s swimming.

finished starfish craft

So pretty and so easy to make all kinds of different colored starfish!

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cardboard roll stamp starfish craft styled image on white background

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