Encouraging Your Cat To Explore the Great Outdoors

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Cats love to explore. They’re curious creatures with great survival instincts, so they’re usually very comfortable out in your garden or sneaking around the local neighbourhood. However, a lot of cats are usually confined indoors and will generally prefer it that way. It’s important to try and encourage your cat to at least explore your garden as it gives them a bit of exercise and exposes them to fresh air.

If you find that your cat isn’t willing to explore the outdoors, then we have a couple of suggestions on how to encourage them to do so.

Encouraging Your Cat To Explore the Great Outdoors
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Before you let your cat out, make sure you can identify them

Whether it’s with a collar or a microchip, make sure your cat can be identified before you let them out. This will ensure that should your cat get lost, someone can help return them to you. This isn’t as common as people think because cats have a great sense of direction, meaning they’re usually very comfortable with returning back to your home.

Get yourself a cat door to give them more freedom

Getting a cat door for window is a great idea since it gives your cat control when they go out. Having multiple entry points can also be a good idea since it allows your cat to enter however they want. It’s important to look for options that only open for your cat so that strays don’t come into your house as well. If you find that your cat isn’t using the cat door often, then it might because they’re not comfortable going out without your supervision. This is something that can be trained over time.

Make sure your outdoor spaces are safe

If you want to encourage your cat to stay around your house, you’ll want to ensure that your outdoor spaces are safe, cat-friendly and inviting. This means giving them plenty of things to climb on, places to scratch and also an easy way to enter the home. Some cats also like small spaces so they can hide. This can help them feel a bit safer, especially if they’re anxious or quite shy. Sunny spots are also popular with cats since it lets them relax and sleep in comfort.

Lure your cat outside with food

Treats are an easy way to win your cat’s love, but they can also be a great way to lure them outside. This can encourage your cat to explore the outdoors and get used to their surroundings. Just make sure you keep an eye on your cat when they’re getting used to the outdoors so they don’t wander too far. Food can be a great way to lure your cat out, but make sure they don’t get used to it because it can start to feel like a reward for them going outside!

Not all cats enjoy the outdoors so you shouldn’t force them to explore if they don’t want to. However, if your cat loves staring outside longingly, then encouraging them to get out a bit is never a bad idea.

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