Guide to Traveling With Your Baby This 2022 Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you will likely be traveling with your children. Not having a solid plan while traveling with babies and young children can make simple tasks much more challenging.

Guide to Traveling With Your Baby This 2022 Holiday Season

Even if you are an expert at packing light, traveling with a baby during this holiday will likely change that, or at least partially. Babies require a lot of stuff, but when traveling with your baby, we recommend only taking the essentials.

The prospect of juggling the stress of travels with ensuring your baby is healthy and happy is overwhelming for any mother or father. So, we’ve come up with this guide to help navigate the difficulty of figuring out what to carry while traveling with your baby this holiday season. This article shares five essential tips on what you need for your trip with your baby this holiday season.

You must plan on what your baby will eat, how to clean if your baby makes a mess, and something to help your baby play and sleep. With these in mind, you can make wise choices when packing. Below are some suggestions on what every mother needs to travel with.

1. Get enough diapers and extra clothing.

Diapers and extra clothes are one of the first things you want to carry when packing your baby’s bag. Diapers are essential, especially on the road, because your baby is sure to poo at one point or another (or eight or nine).

It helps to stock up on enough diapers for the trip. We recommend using the BabyCozy Bouncy Soft Diapers because they are comfortable, non-irritating, dependable diapers that can free your baby’s skin from irritation during long drives or flights. You can get this fantastic diaper at 30% off, available from Nov 7th till Dec 4th, 2022.

Guide to Traveling With Your Baby This 2022 Holiday Season

2. Travel with a feeding bottle

Another essential item you want to have in your travel bag is a feeding bottle. It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding your baby breastmilk or formula; a feeding bottle makes it easier to feed your baby on the road. It would help if you had a feeding bottle and a vacuum flask.

You can store fresh breastmilk or premixed baby formula in the vacuum flask without going bad, at least through the journey. So, anytime your baby is hungry, you can quickly pour from the flask into the feeding bottle and feed your baby without the hassle of mixing or breastfeeding in public.

3. Wipes

Wipes are another item that comes in handy, especially for travel. Whenever your baby makes a mess, you ought to clean up, while keeping your baby’s skin free of irritation.

We recommend to use BabyCozy Coconut Nourish Wipes, as it contains essential coconut oil extract that acts as a nourishing shield on the skin as it cleans. Take advantage of this black Friday deal at 35% off, available from Oct 26th till Nov 30th, 2022.

Guide to Traveling With Your Baby This 2022 Holiday Season

4. Blankets

Traveling with a blanket this holiday season is essential. Blankets provide extra comfort and warmth for your baby, especially when the weather gets cold. Baby blankets are often small, so you don’t have to worry much about taking up much of your bag’s space.

5. Sleep items baby is familiar with

Finally, taking along items your baby is familiar with can come in handy when it’s time to sleep. This item can be their favorite stuffed animal, a white noise machine, etc. The idea of taking along this item is to help your baby calm down and sleep better.


When packing a travel bag for your baby this holiday, be patient with yourself. Especially if it is your first baby, and you literally have no experience with what you may need. Aim to travel as lightly as possible, and keep in mind these few items suggested in this guide, as they will often come in handy while traveling.

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