How to Keep Kids Busy on a Rainy Day

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In any business there’s a coming and a going, Up and down. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes, you lose a lot. It’s called the customer churn. And it’s a good metaphor for other areas of life, as you can’t just let it get you down. There are pieces to pick up, along with a chance to find out the why and how to steer the course in a better direction.

#ad How to Keep Kids Busy on a Rainy Day

As with business, every area of life has a lot of information to process. As does parenting. Because in a way, running a house is the same as running a business. There are budgets, problems to solve, family meetings, and sometimes some in the house try for a full takeover of power.

We can’t fire our kids, however. And our kids can’t quit. There is no churn when it comes to them.

Now I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about how to run a corporation. A small online presence is one thing, but when it comes to churning out something greater, I wouldn’t know where to start with customer success. After 4 kids, however, I do know a thing or two about how to keep our house and home on an even keel. Even on days when we’re all not-so-happily stuck inside.

That’s the best time to steer the course in a better direction, however. The below are a list of great ideas to keep kids happy, whether it’s raining outside, snowing, or just too hot. These simple ideas will make life a bit easier for the person in charge. Oh wait, that’s me.

How to Keep Kids Busy on a Rainy Day

Stock up for a movie marathon. Netflix is perfect for finding some great movies to keep the kids busy. Make a big batch of popcorn or another fun movie snack, turn the lights off, and sip hot cocoa while you’re cuddled up inside.

Grab board games and enjoy a bit of friendly competition. When the kids get tired of that challenge them to create their own board game with all the parts they have.

Dig into the box of arts and craft supplies. Create anything from some fun Yarn Wrapped Bugs to our furry Fork Painted Monsters. Then, send the kids to hunt for more recyclable supplies around the house and challenge them to create something new from what they have available.

Build a blanket fort. Just like how you probably made when you were a kid, grab a stack of blankets and help your kids build a blanket fort. Grab a flashlight and a stack of books for a fun and exciting story time in the nice warm and cozy blanket fort.

#ad How to Keep Kids Busy on a Rainy Day

Children love to help in the kitchen. Baking a fresh batch of cookies is a great way to keep kids busy. Warm gooey cookies fresh out of the oven always raises spirits and helps create great memories.

#ad How to Keep Kids Busy on a Rainy Day

Kids can quickly get bored with one activity so have a few planned and ready to execute. If nothing else, you can always play office.

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