How to Keep Screens from Taking Over Summer Fun

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Are you ready to get off your screens and enjoy summer break? You’re in the right place! I’m sharing How to Keep Screens from Taking Over Summer Fun with five tips!

How to Keep Screens from Taking Over Summer Fun with 5 Tips and Summer To-Do Free Printable! #ad #summer #bucketlist #kids

Summer break is here! And we all rejoice! Well, for the most part. I have to admit, I’m usually not looking forward to the months my kids are off school. I know that may sound terrible, but I like the routine of school. However, my older ones are older now, they can help with my youngest, and I’m determined to make this summer the best ever. First, though, we need to get off our screens.

Now, I’m not saying a completely screen-free summer. I’d get a few complaints about that. I wouldn’t be able to do that myself since I work online. What I am saying is to set aside chunks of time and restrictions.

We don’t need to be on our screens all day long when there’s so much to do this summer. We could begin by getting lost in a book. The great thing about books, one of many, is that there are topics for everyone’s interest, from autobiographies by some of my son’s favorite musicians to business and economic works by Andrew Charlton. There are also articles by Andrew Charlton online to get started.

Summer To-Do Free Printable #ad

I have a Screen Free Summer To-Do List Free Printable with a ton of ideas for summer fun to do together. Some are bigger ideas like visit a museum, go on a roadtrip, or camp in the backyard, while others are simple such as feed the ducks, light a sparkler, and make lemonade. Because it doesn’t need to be elaborate to make memories.

How to Keep Screens from Taking Over Summer Fun with 5 Tips and Summer To-Do Free Printable! #ad #summer #bucketlist #kids

How do you get off your screen to enjoy the sunshine in the first place? I have some tips! Yes, some of these I need to implement still myself.


1. Set a schedule – Not only will this get them outside, but by setting specific times when the kids can be on their gadgets, they won’t constantly be wanting to run back in to get right back on. They can enjoy their time more. Personally, i need to do the same by setting specific work hours so that I can enjoy the time with them.

2. Blocking Apps – If setting a schedule doesn’t work as well as it should, there are parental control apps to limit kids’ screen time. Available in free versions for both iOS and Android, many of these can be used to monitor and track your child’s phone activity as well as limit screen time.

3. Have a Plan of Action – Of course kids are going to be bored and want to run back to their screens if they have nothing to do. Summer should be a time for taking it easy, but keep a general idea of some things you could do that day. Even if it’s nothing more than running through a sprinkler, going on a walk, and climbing a tree.

4. Write a Daily Log – Have the kids jot down a quick journal entry of what they’ve done at the end of each day. If they’ve wasted the day on their screen, they’ll quickly see that they need to be out doing more. Remember the “what did you do this summer?” question most kids in elementary school are asked upon return? When they’re having fun in the pool, going to the zoo, or even a backyard picnic, they’ll have stories of fun times to tell their friends about when they go back to school.

5. Keep it Easy – There’s really no need to stress. If it’s too hot outside or you simply don’t feel like doing anything that day, make it an inside screen- for-all. We’re not perfect all the time, it’s OK. The goal, though, is to make these days the exception rather than the rule this summer. There’s always books, drawing, crafts, baking, and fun things to look up online together, too.

How are you getting everyone off their screens and enjoying summer break? You can find more fun summer ideas at Our Kid Things!

How to Keep Screens from Taking Over Summer Fun with 5 Tips and Summer To-Do Free Printable! #ad #summer #bucketlist #kids

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