Make Your New Friend Feel At Home

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It is a really big deal when you finally find the pet that is going to make your house feel like a home, the one that will complete your family – and most importantly the one that is going to be there to listen to your tales of triumph and sadness. Pets are the gifts that keep on giving long passed the new arrival stages. But you probably want to make sure that your pet feels at home – and in order to do that, you need to prepare for their arrival well in advance.

Make Your New Friend Feel At Home
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You are probably going to want to puppy-proof your place pretty early on – perhaps before you have even found the pup that you want. When they are teething, much like babies, they like to chew things. Not only that but chewing is stress relieving for dogs, and when they move from their home with their parents and siblings to a big unfamiliar space without them – they often tug at the carpet a bit too often.

Naturally, as their new owner, you are going to want to protect the new puppy and your stuff. So you’ll want to make the new addition feel at home as quickly as possible because in the early days you are still a stranger to them – and you both need time to get to know each other.

So here are a few ways that you can get prepared for your new friend.


The less stuff you have, the less likely it is your puppy. It is going to get hold of something that they shouldn’t. Tackle the stacks of books or the pile of shoes by only keeping what you use and donating or getting rid of the rest. This is also a great time to get rid of old clothing too. Take everything you don’t wear to a charity shop – and feel good about living lighter and doing something good. There are a lot of items that your puppy will mistake for toys, and the less stuff you have laying around, the less likely they are to chew something up.

Safe Space

Just like people, dogs need a space to be alone. Luckily you’ve just got rid of a lot of junk, so you have more room to dedicate to the dog. Your new designated pet only space will serve as a somewhere that your pet can go, or be placed when it is apparent that they are overstimulated or that they need some peace.

When you are looking for what type of space, you should look to have somewhere that isn’t too large, somewhere that is warm and cosy, and clean. It will give you pet peace of mind to know that they have somewhere they can go to when they need to – and they will need to sometimes.


Puppies thrive on routine and dogs appreciate knowing what is coming and when. Everyone in your home should be on their best behaviour when your new puppy arrives. The rules that you set should be the ones that everyone sticks to. This is even more important for rehomed dogs – who tend to scare more easily. It can take around 14 days to 6 months for a dog to learn the ropes of your home. Making their transition from the dog home, or their mother to your home as smooth as possible and be consistent with the rules and expectations will mean they know they can rely on you. Once you get your new pet home try to refrain from the following:

  • Leaving within days to go on holiday
  • Moving the furniture around
  • Redecoration
  • Taking in more pets
  • Inviting too many people over to see you puppy
  • Letting people feed scraps
  • Mixing commands

The first few weeks should be dedicated to learning more about your new puppy, and them learning more about you. Having a routine for walking, sleeping and eating will give your pet a sense of safety – and they deserve that.


Dogs have such a great sense of smell, they can quickly become familiar with you – and find you anywhere in the house actually. When you go to meet your new puppy, ask if you can leave a jumper that you have worn for a few days with them – so they can get used to the scent. In the car on the way home, line the box with some blankets or another jumper, and wear clothing that isn’t freshly washed. They need to be able to associate those smells with you and learn that it is a familiar and safe scent. It should give them a homely feeling.

List Of Goodies

You should find a store that has plenty of pet supply options, visit us at for more information on cool pet things.

  • Collar – something that will grow with your dog for the next few months
  • Harness – particular for more muscular breeds that will need extra control methods while they are walking
  • Food – it is essential that you don’t chop and change the diet that you want to feed your dog. They need a healthy mix of grains and meat. Many dog foods are packed with things that they don’t need. Where possible get the best food for your dog and budget
  • Bed – going back to that space that you have created for your dog – something soft and warm will be perfect
  • Treats – getting treats, or making your own will mean that you can use the reward system to train your pet
  • Toys – something fun to play with. Usually getting something the requires some brainpower to solve is a good idea and will keep them entertained for hours

Owning a puppy is a big responsibility, but they bring so much love and affection; it can be hard not to spoil them completely. If you and your family are looking to add a big heart to your family, you can’t go far wrong with a puppy.

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