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Like many their age, my kids have plenty of electronic gadgets. There’s no shortage of ways to get online, and they have no problem taking advantage of them. This is especially true of their phones and tablets. However, while being connected can be a wonderful learning experience, it’s also important that kids discover everything life has to offer offline. There’s a balance that parents need to find, especially now that school is out and summer is here. We’re finding that balance with help from the Screen Time app.

Screen Free Summer To-Do #ScreenTimeApp (ad)

If you’d like to try Screen Time for your family, there’s a free version available, and everybody gets 14 days to test out the premium features – they are well worth it, but if you choose to stick to the free version, you can still monitor what your kids are doing on their devices and for how long.

Screen Time is an easy to understand device-management app for Apple and Android that helps parents ensure their kids are balancing their use of technology with real-life adventures and activities.

With an easy to use interface that includes remote device monitoring, areas for task completion to earn extra time, app limits, web and search history, and complete time blocks whether it be for bed or school, parents have full control over how and when their devices can be used with Screen Time.

I have 3 very well connected kids. I’m most concerned about my 11 year old’s time spent online, however. He’s a curious kid and that curiosity sometimes gets the best of him already. He will also pick up his phone long after the time he should be in bed.

I appreciate how Screen Time sends me a summary of what he’s using and when so I can keep better track. It also blocks him completely after a certain time, so there’s no chance he can be on his phone late at night. And it makes it easier to get him away from the screen and outside enjoying a screen free summer!

First, though, it’s best to have a conversation about what’s expected of both parent and child when it comes to daily screentime. This Family Screen Time Pact is a great beginning outline.

Because while our life can be enhanced with technology, it’s important to not overdo it. Kids need to enjoy a screen free summer, or at least make sure it’s limited and productive. Especially since studies have shown that a large amount of screen time can impede the development of cognitive and physical abilities. That’s why it’s vital for kids to get outside and use their imagination. If you’re looking for a few fun things to do, this list of Screen Free Summer To Do’s with 30 ideas is a great start.

To even further bridge the gap between real life and technology, there are also apps to help your kids explore the world around them and achieve healthy lifestyle balance.

10 Apps to Promote Offline Discovery During Summer Break

1. Discover Balance With Screen Time – This device-management app makes it easy for parents to track, monitor and manage time kids spend on tablets and phones, establish healthy tech habits and pursue offline adventures during the long, hot summer.

2. Discover a Different Path With TrailLink – With features like detailed trail maps, descriptions and reviews for more than 30,000 miles of multi-use trails, TrailLink allows users to locate hiking spots, save favorites, share trails with friends, pull up driving directions as well as find restrooms and parking nearby.

3. Discover Your Limits With MapMyRun – Use the app to set fitness goals, view insights that include pace and duration for each run, track and save their most-loved paths, and even connect the app to wearable technology like Apple Watch, Fitbit and more.

4. Discover Your Zen With Yoga Studio – App features like ready-made and customizable yoga and meditation video classes, class scheduling and a pose library ensure both beginner and expert yogis have the time to clear their heads and fit in a practice.

5. Discover DIY With Snapguide – With Snapguide, users can create their own how-to guides and share them with each other for easy access to beauty tricks, tech tips, arts and crafts projects, recipes and more.

6. Discover the Stars With SkyView – SkyView allows users to discover and identify stars, constellations, galaxies and more by simply pointing their phone at the sky with the app open.

7. Discover Your Green Thumb With Garden Answers – Garden Answers helps users identify more than 20,000 flowers and plants with ease. This app makes it fun to discover new and unfamiliar plants while out and about, hiking the trail or playing in the backyard.

8. Discover Your Inner Chef With Yummly – The food and drink app has more than 1 million readily available recipes for saving and allows users to search for the perfect meal by cuisine, nutrition requirements, techniques and more.

9. Discover Delicious Eats With Urbanspoon – This app helps foodies, tourists and staycationers find the best dining experiences nearby. Through Urbanspoon, users can discover restaurants and compare the food choices by rating, distance and cuisine; review the menu before visiting.

10. Discover the Open Road With Roadtrippers – Use the app to find nearby diners and cafes, scenic attractions, perfect tourist stops, parks and hotels for everyone in your roadtripping crew.

More about Screen Time

Screen Time’s mission with its “for parents by parents” app is to make it easier for parents to manage their kids’ screen time, for the sake of establishing a lifestyle that allows children to benefit from online and offline discovery. Screen Time also helps puts an end to fighting about devices, creating harmony at home among parents and their kids, tweens and teens. Plus, they offer free and premium versions of the app, depending on your family’s needs. With over one million downloads worldwide, Screen Time offers a free 14-day trial and is available for iOS and Android wherever you get your apps.

Sign up now at www.screentimelabs.com!

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