Tips for Holiday Pet Safety

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The holidays are upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. I really do love everything about this time of year. I love the changing seasons, the sights, sounds, and flavors, the excuse to spend time with friends and family, and everything in between. Who may not love it quite so much, however? Our pets. Which is why, as we’re celebrating with friends and family, we also need to be wary of holiday pet safety.

Tips for Holiday Pet Safety

While the holidays are typically a joyful time, it’s no surprise that they can also be stressful. That stress is not only felt by people, but also for our pets. All the coming and going and hustle and bustle can really take a toll on our pet friends. We have a very sensitive dog. He’ll hide if the stress is too great, visibly shake if his day is disturbed, and then you’ll hear his stomach as it gurgles and turns. With a bit of reassurance, however, we can all have a happy holiday season.

According to a recent Veterinary Pet Insurance Company’s report, upset stomach and diarrhea rank among the top 10 reasons owners go to the vet with their pets. If your pet is experiencing digestive issues, contact your veterinarian to discuss the best course of action. For example, your veterinarian may recommend Royal Canin’s line of veterinary-exclusive GASTROINTESTINAL diets to provide multiple options for individualized nutritional solutions for cats and dogs experiencing gastrointestinal issues. You can also visit as a resource on GI issues and more.

Keep a Routine
An irregular routine around the holidays is a trigger that can cause pet stress. Situations such as boarding at a kennel, traveling to stay with the pet owner’s family, or introduced to several house guests, can develop pet stress and the digestive issues that go along with it. Prior to the holidays, pet owners should educate themselves on how to best avoid these potentially disruptive situations and take steps to keep their pets safe, and healthy throughout the season. It’s also a good idea to know the symptoms of stress in your pets, such as poor appetite or vomiting.

Avoid accidental injuries
Millions of people travel during the holiday season. And, when traveling with your pet, it can easily get injured in case of a car collision. According to Driver Knowledge, the average number of car crashes in the U.S. alone is 6 million. Therefore, while you may not plan for a car crash, it’s crucial that you take all safety measures to protect your pet, including purchasing pet insurance for dogs.

Don’t allow your pet to roam around your vehicle as you drive. Instead, get a pet carrier, which will enable you to secure your pet in the car. Additionally, choose a large crate that can allow your pet to sit, stand, turn, and lie down. Also, tie the crate to the seat belt or place it on the floor of your backseat.

Tips for Holiday Pet Safety

Avoid Hazardous Food and Materials
Another key tip is to keep holiday foods that are particularly hazardous to pets, such as chocolate, unbaked dough and macadamia nuts, out of reach. As well, holiday decor can seem new and interesting to pets, but owners should watch out for potentially dangerous items, such as tinsel, pine needles, poinsettias, and other holiday plants.

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