Tips to Be More Environmentally Friendly

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Taking care of our earth is a big deal. This is the world that I’m leaving behind for my kids, so I’d like to do my part to keep it in the best shape it can be. This is also why it’s important that kids understand the significance of leaving a more environmentally friendly footprint.

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The way to a greener world begins with little steps at home through reducing and recycling. In fact, come up with a great idea to help preserve our earth for future generations and you could be rewarded with $1000 to help live a greener lifestyle from Dr. Usha Rajagopal.

From Kids to Business Tips to Be More Environmentally Friendly #ad #earthday #ecofriendly #greentips

That’s just the beginning, however. We should also strive to be more sustainable when it comes to every area of life, from what to eat, how we play, and how business is conducted.

Working from home, and online no less, my job doesn’t waste a lot. But it wasn’t always this way. Here are some ways to make sure your business is more environmentally friendly.

5 Tips to a More Environmentally Friendly Business

Go Paperless – There’s not a lot that can’t be done online these days. Send emails, connect on Facebook, and take advantage of social media as much as possible. Save the envelopes and stamps.

Eco-Friendly Products – For those times when you must send a piece of mail, make the switch to eco-friendly envelopes and planet-friendly paper products.

Smart Energy – Compared to traditional incandescents, energy-efficient LED lightbulbs typically use about 25%-80% less energy. This not only saves you money, but these bulbs also last longer so there’s less waste.

Office Supplies – Only stock up on what you absolutely need and find ways to reuse when possible. Invest in refillable writing utensils, use ink refill kits instead of buying new cartridges, and make sure you’re buying non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning supplies.

Recycle – This goes for the obvious plastics and paper, but make sure old computers and electronics are properly recycled as well. There are plenty of places willing to take old gadgets and some that may even refurbish them for new homes.

But a greener world doesn’t end there. We need to take the same measures and steps home with us, and include our children, too. Kids can do everything from sorting the recycling to reusing trash items into craft projects, take shorter showers to conserve water, ride their bikes to cut down on car trips, and help in the garden.

From Kids to Business Tips to Be More Environmentally Friendly #ad #earthday #ecofriendly #greentips

Not only is gardening great because you’re growing and maintaining your own food source, but it’s a way to help your little ones be closer to nature. From planting to watching the seedlings grow and turning into a landing pod for bugs and bees, it’s a huge step towards a sustainable lifestyle. In turn, it will help them understand how important it is to preserve plant life and take care of the environment which will also encourage even more eco-friendly choices down the line.

From Kids to Business Tips to Be More Environmentally Friendly #ad #earthday #ecofriendly #greentips

Kids have big shoes to fill. By working together, they’ll be leading with greener footprints.

From Kids to Business Tips to Be More Environmentally Friendly #ad #earthday #ecofriendly #greentips

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