Top 10 Art Projects for Kids That Will Inspire Their Creativity

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Arts and crafts are great to encourage your kids to express themselves creatively. It gives them an outlet to channel their inner artist and go wild with the colors. You can clear out some space in the room, in the yard, or any place else to set up an art corner for kids. Take some of their best efforts and put them on a wall to build self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

Top 10 Art Projects for Kids That Will Inspire Their Creativity

It can all get chaotic and boring if there is no planning behind the art projects. Just giving the kids a paper and a crayon won’t work. You don’t need to go around hunting for fun art projects, as we got you covered. Here are 10 art project ideas for your kids that will inspire creativity.

Let’s begin.

The Surprise Painting Project

This is a very exciting and fun project, especially for children who are still learning to paint. The things you need for this are watercolors, watercolor paper, painter’s tape, a paintbrush, crayons, and stickers. Here are the steps.

  • Tape down the watercolor paper to a table or a hard, flat surface.
  • Ask your kid to put stickers on the paper and color it with crayons.
  • After drying, let your kid go wild with the watercolors.
  • Once everything is dry, take off the stickers.
  • There will be bright, white images left on the paper and the rest of it will create a beautiful texture of crayons and watercolors.

Cut and Paste

Using scissors to cut helps build motor skills. If your kid is old enough to learn to handle scissors, you can buy some colored paper with pre-drawn shapes on them. Start with simple shapes. Ask your child to cut it out and paste it onto plain paper.

Oil Pastels

If you want to teach your kid something different, ask them to draw their favorite shapes on paper with oil pastels. Then, let them fill those in with colors. For an artistic effect, show them how to smear some baby oil with cotton on the painting. You can get your child into an art studio franchise to learn more art skills.

Nature Art

What better way to brighten up the mood than art and nature combined. Take your child to the backyard and collect pieces from the garden. Ask them to use those nature’s pieces to decorate a picture of themselves or other family members. Print the decorated picture for amazing effects.

Kitchen Art Project

A great way to keep the kids busy while you tidy up in the kitchen is to set up an art space for them right there. Use the Magna-tiles to hold up a drawing paper. Adjust magnetic stands on the fridge and put in art supplies. While you do your work, your kid will create a masterpiece standing next to you.

Shaving Foam Art

This is another easy way to revamp painting classes for kids. Take a bowl and add shaving foam to it. Add some food coloring or poster colors to it. Mix it with a stick. A marble-like pattern will be formed. Dip a piece of card paper in so the pattern gets stuck on it. Scrape off the excess foam, and you have a piece of marble art. Mix more colors and enjoy.

Thumb Painting

You might be screaming at this suggestion as it could get a bit messy. But it is a lot of fun and a great way to keep the kiddos busy. All you need are different colors and a piece of paper. Your kid dips their thumb in different colors and prints on the paper to create a shape of a pineapple. For the stem, use the little finger. Easy and creative.

Playdough Modeling

A cheap and fun art activity is playdough modeling. Get a playdough mat and poke-ins for non-messy playtime. Encourage your kid to make different shapes. Assist them in molding the playdough and creating textures on it. Help the kid use poke-ins too.
Lego City

Lego – do we need to say more? Get your kid a bucket of lego pieces and encourage him to build all kinds of shapes, cities, houses, and cars.

Bell Pepper Art

This is another unique art project for kids. Cut the bottom of the bell pepper. Dip it in acrylic paint poured on a plate or a flat surface. Press it on any surface you want. It will leave a flower pattern. T-shirts and cushion covers are popular choices.


Hope this helps get your creative juices flowing. You can design multiple art projects for your kids with various materials. Your only limit is your imagination. If you have more ideas, share it with fellow parents in the comments.

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