10 Ways to Repurpose Old Toys

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When it comes to toys, my biggest challenge, outside of organization, is really dwindling down the masses. With 3 kids, the bounty can really build up. Since my kids are getting older, though, there are toys from their even younger years that I know they no longer play with, but I’m attached to for sentimental reasons. Which means I’m also part of the problem. So what do I do?

If you’re the creative type, you can repurpose old toys by transforming those sentimental playthings from fun to functional pieces for your home. So those cars your son zoomed around with when he was an adorable tot or the action figures your own little superheroes were so attached to can now have a functional purpose instead of being scattered all over the floor. Because that is the very last place we like toys to be. Because it hurts to step on them.

10 Ways to Repurpose Old Toys into Functional Pieces #sponsored

10 Ways to Repurpose Old Toys

Dinosaur Planter from The Homespun Hydrangea

Superhero Toy Jars from The Country Chic Cottage

Dino Book Ends from Mommy in the Mountains

Toy Collection Shadowbox Display from Visual Heart

DIY LEGO Clock from Kid Things

Neon Wall Hooks from Say Yes

Toy Lamp Makeover from Heartbreak Kids

Toy Truck Planter from House of Hawthornes

Animal Handle Cups from Dollar Store Crafts

Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder from All This for Them

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of repurposing your old toys or finding a way to organize all that clutter, don’t worry! I have a great idea for you, too! It’s a subscription service called Pley.

About Pley

I’ve mentioned Pley before while discussing toy storage and organization. It’s a life-changing rental service offering access to a large selection of the hottest educative toys, 400+ LEGO sets and popular robotics toys. It even has new toy options that have just launched, including new doll clothes, electronics, and preschool toys! There’s something for everyone, with every age group and interest.

Pley Toy Rental Subscription Service #sponsored

And here’s where the mom in me wants to tell you that the best part is no clutter! Pley packages get delivered right to your door. Then, when the kids are done playing, they can return them for a new toy. Easy peasy! No more toys sitting unused on shelves or waiting to be turned into a drawer knob, though that’s cute, too.

Pley Toy Rental Subscription Service #sponsored

Be sure to check out the monthly subscriptions Pley offers, starting with the new $9.99 fee option. And with Easter coming up, don’t forget that Pley also makes a fantastic gift!


  1. Love the Dinosaur planter! As a Grandparent we have a stockpile of toys and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them. Love these clever Ideas…

  2. While I think the idea of turning a Lego into a drawer handle is cute, I may have to check out Pley for my niece. She has two little ones and limited space. How do they handle it if a toy gets broken or loses pieces?

  3. I don’t like to waste anything. Some of these are simply brilliant. I love the superhero jars!

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