3 Reasons Art and Creativity Is So Important for Children

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3 Reasons Art and Creativity Is So Important for Children
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As parents, we know the importance of the big things. For example, we know that eating healthy is the foundation to a physically stronger child, but what we can underestimate is the importance of the things that seem almost unnecessary. Something like art, for example, is not necessarily viewed as an essential subject, especially in the school environment. But art and creativity is crucial to keeping our children happy in many areas of their lives, so what are the benefits of art and creativity for our children, and how does it keep them happy?

It Helps Them Understand Themselves and the World
Children absorb a lot of new information, and it’s important that they need to process this information in a reflective way. When children have negative perceptions of themselves, they can slowly manifest into negative thought patterns. When children have aesthetic issues, for example, crooked teeth, it’s important for them to to realise that there are solutions beyond clear braces and dental surgery. Arts and creativity can be an excellent outlet for emotions. It helps children to express themselves in many different ways, in fact, beyond what words could be able to do. Additionally, expressing themselves in this manner can be more comfortable rather than using words. This is why it’s important for us to offer an environment at home that allows them to experiment and create, because they are able to challenge preconceptions of themselves while also exploring the inner regions of their minds.

The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box
Happiness is unique to the individual, and when children are able to solve problems and make breakthroughs, this will open their eyes to so many different methods of problem-solving. Self-sufficiency is about solving problems in a manner that is unique to the person. It’s harder to solve a problem or come up with a solution when you are feeling confined, and this is where art and creativity encourage originality, but also discovery and innovation, which are key attributes for happiness in anybody’s life. If you want your child to be a better thinker, you’ve got to encourage them to be creative and go beyond the preconceived notions. A very good example is the common musician. They may not have knowledge of keys and scales, but the fact that they are creating music that doesn’t necessarily go together in a traditional sense is just as important. We shouldn’t always follow the rules because the rules don’t make us happy.

It Improves Problem-Solving Abilities
Art and creativity are about embracing uncertainty, and this involves having experiences with creativity and art that come with second-guessing themselves, evaluating and reevaluating, and ultimately, making different choices. The saying “art is never finished, only abandoned” comes to mind here. When artists come to the conclusion that they can’t do anything more with a piece of art it’s not necessary to do with a brushstroke or a perception, but the fact that they’ve given everything they can give at that time. The same thing applies to our children, that uncertainty and inconsistency are key aspects of life, and when we embrace this uncertainty, we don’t sweat the small stuff.

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