7 Ways to Throw the Perfect Party for Both Kids and Adults

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7 Ways to Throw the Perfect Party for Both Kids and Adults

If you love throwing a party for family and friends that everyone will enjoy, then I’m sure you know what it all entails from the beginning until the last guest leaves. Being able to throw the perfect party can be difficult at times. However, if you have enough experience with them and you throw them regularly, then you will know exactly what to do so that all guests involved, including kids, can enjoy their time.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Overboard

Food and drink can be the life of the party if you have great taste. While you will have the normal drinks that all can enjoy, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying some adult drinks such as wine from the Paso Robles Winery. No matter what, having more is always fun and if a full bar is beyond your budget, then you can incorporate a variety of reds and whites.

2. Invite All and Then Some

Don´t worry about how many guests you invite. Be sure to give it a nice mix of all ages, job types, generations, and income levels. By being a host, your primary job is to serve others and allow the guests to mingle together. Having a few new friends is always a good thing when you throw a party. Plus, with new friends, you are able to bring in different points of view, which can make others more attentive by wanting to get to know them too. The guests will be able to see the reasons why making friends is so much worthwhile.

3. Create a Different Party Flair

Many times, a party host will do all that they can to make their party the best. The downfall of this is that they forget what the party is all about—having a great time. Instill more fun and make it a good surprise. If throwing a birthday party, you can bring in the favorite food the birthday person loves. Whether it is pizza, Asian, or hamburgers, the point is to bring in a nice touch to a party that will prevent boredom from setting in. You can also involve games that both adults and kids can play.

4. Assign Tasks to Each Guest

No matter what type of party you throw, your guests will want to be a part of it. You can accommodate them perfectly by assigning tasks to each guest and have them complete the task before food is served. The task can be anything that involves the party, whether it is setting up, meeting other guests, or helping with cleanup. No matter what, having a friend pour the guest drinks makes it so much easier to get other important things done.

5. Allow for Adult Space

Having an area specifically for adults, but close to the kids, will allow the adults to gather and enjoy adult time as they maintain the activities of the kids. Make sure the party seating for the adults is also appropriate. Make sure the ratio of parents to a child is good. By allowing the adults to have separate space, they can unwind with no kid worries. You can also have adult drinks in the same area so you never have to make a trip to the bar.

6. Have Seating Set Up Based on Who Your Guests Will Be

When it comes to making the party a success, the seating is everything. This means you need to have their seating become the best as can be. Seat the couples and good friends separately. This allows them to talk to others they hardly know, which can make everything interesting. You can also have the seating at a long table with the kid seating at another separate table. After each course is finished, you can have the guests switch to a different seat and thus talking to a whole new person.

7. Incorporate the Perfect Setting

Bringing in perfect lighting can set the tone for any type of party. Try to keep lighting soft and avoid ceiling light. You can experiment with different lighting and go with the one that provides the best ambiance. For a table centerpiece, it can be a mix of fruit such as oranges, apples, and kiwis in place of flowers. By having fruits instead of flowers, you will be able to see your guests over the bowl as opposed to a boquet. You and your guests will not have to worry about any scents either so allergies will not be an isue with your guests.

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