9 Best Music Albums for Kids’ Focused Studying

It can be challenging for a kid to focus, especially if it’s not about their favorite games but tasks their school teachers give. As a parent, you may have proven tricks to get your fidget interested in doing homework, but let me share another instrument that works:


Not only does it set the desired mood, but it also positively affects the thinking process and boosts productivity. According to studies, music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable and helps us focus. The secret is in choosing the proper music composition.

Most experts agree that the best music for work and study is soothing, melodic, and without lyrics (listening to song words may distract a listener’s focus on the task). Instrumental or classical music, jazz, nature sounds, and movie soundtracks are the most favorable options.

Here are nine music albums parents can try to help their kids focus on study.

Hans Zimmer – The Inception Soundtrack

Movie fans know Hans Zimmer as the author of dozens of marvelous soundtracks for bestselling films. You can choose any of his compositions for work or study: Beautiful melodies full of emotions inspire and motivate a listener to get things done.

The Inception Soundtrack works well for writing tasks. It will add dramatic vibes to the activity, encouraging learners to be more attentive and focus on the details.

Another option to try is Zimmer’s The Interstellar Soundtrack. It’s a long-lasting album that hooks and doesn’t let you go. Languid yet memorable, it’s perfect for research, critical thinking, and writing tasks.

Soundtrack: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

This one is the best work of Jon Brion, who has produced tons of top records for the past 30 years. His Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind score includes ambient and tranquil tracks like Phone Call, Raw, and Elephant Parade, which are well-suited for productive work and study. Their calming nature will help your kid focus and dive into the task to complete it fast.

The Album Leaf – Into the Blue Again

This 2006 album is a relaxing yet inspiring instrumental bliss for your kid’s efficient study. Its melodies create an atmosphere of summer and sunshine, motivating them to act and finish the homework to move on to their favorite activities.

Soothing tracks don’t distract, help focus, and suit any task your kid needs to do. It’s ambient and beautiful music, worth listening to for better mood, stress relief, and encouragement.

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

This classic album is your choice if you see that your child can focus when listening to music with lyrics. Songs in The Dark Side of the Moon can be a perfect background for tasks besides reading or writing: Turn it on when your kid deals with drawing, for example, or when they need to prepare some handmade crafts for school.

The album is a nice balance of diverse sounds and instrumental tunes, perfectly structured to boost productivity. Lyrics are also inspiring, and you can choose among seven sections of different vibes here. Listen to all, and turn on the most suitable one for your kid to keep working on tasks.

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

This 2015 album sets the right mood for learning when you or your kid have to deal with writing assignments like essays, a nursing case study, or a book/movie review. Bridges’ smooth voice doesn’t distract but gives the energy to keep working and complete the task. Compositions like Shine and Better Man motivate and give you a second wind when you feel you can’t go on.

Call Me By Your Name Original Soundtrack

Do you remember the movie? The vibes of the Italian countryside are relaxing yet inspiring to act; the hope mixes with adventures; the desire to open new horizons and learn new things prevails. Play the soundtrack to get into that state of mind to focus, or turn it on when your kid procrastinates or is not in the mood for studying.

This music is a mix of Italian synthpop and classical arrangements. The lyrics are present, but Sufjan Stevens’ vocals set the right mood and don’t distract from work.

Jon Batiste – WE ARE

If you aren’t a big fan of instrumental music or don’t want to limit yourself to movie soundtracks, try Jon Batiste’s WE ARE. This Grammy-lauded album is joyful and keeps your energy high while listening: 13 songs mix different genres, from soul and R&B to jazz and classical tones, and your kid will love those vibes by all means. Start with rousing FREEDOM or I NEED YOU, and you’ll see the magic of the melodies at once.

Best Songs of Ludovico Einaudi

This world-famous Italian composer has created beautiful music in contemporary classical and new-age styles. It’s pleasant to listen to, helping kids focus because of its melodic tempo and inspiring tone. The album with Ludovico’s best songs has two hours of piano melodies: Fly, Time Lapse, Nightbook, and other compositions that will be distraction-free for a kid to concentrate on the homework.

Einaudi is also an author of soundtracks for movies like Black Swan, I’m Still Here, and Insidious. You should check them, too, if such melodies help your kid focus.

Saxophone Soirée

If you or your youngster don’t like piano melodies, how about a saxophone? Search YouTube for Saxophone Soirée, a one-hour and 40-minute collection of sax songs with no lyrics. Speaking of YouTube, by the way:

It’s a treasure trove of different music collections for any occasion, and you’ll find sax, jazz, piano, and any other instrumental compositions there. Suggested Saxophone Soirée is a collection of energetic music; if your kid needs something calmer to focus, feel free to search for “sax music for studying” or “saxophone music for reading” collections.

Final Words

Whatever music album you choose for your kid’s focused studying, ensure it’s melodic and calming enough not to distract from the process. Energetic sounds are acceptable if they influence your kid’s productivity well. Sounds of nature and white noise are also worth trying: They are soothing and help eliminate distractions.

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