Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes, Back to School, Snack Box, Teacher Gifts #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Back to school is a month away. I think we’re all excited for it this year. Since we moved at the end of the last school year, my kids are now ready to meet some new friends. I’m going to be having a baby next month, as well, and I have to say I’m ready for that to happen, too. A lot of changes all around! We’re going to stay prepared to make the most of this time, though, with Goldfish® crackers.

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Goldfish® crackers are a snack I feel good about serving my kids. They’re always baked with real cheese and no artificial flavors or preservatives. In fact, the colors are sourced from plants, such as annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree. Which is great to know and all for the parents out there, but really, my kids just love their cheesy cracker goodness.

We picked up a box of Goldfish® Snacks Multi Packs from our local grocery store.

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Not only are they great as a quick snack, but the individual packs are perfect for on-the-go and wherever a kid’s after school adventures may take them. Even on those days when their after school adventures only take them as far as our craft room.

These Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes are a great back to school craft. Begin with a small red paper plate, available at your local dollar store. Then, make a few snips. Fold and tape into a box shape. Add a couple leaves made with green construction paper on top along with a brown pipe cleaner stem, and you have the perfect way to greet the kids after school with a great snack!

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes

Supplies needed:

  • small red paper plate
  • green construction paper
  • brown pipe cleaner
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • tape

Start with a small red paper plate. Cut 4 slots like the diagram shows.

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Fold along the cuts and wrap the paper plate around itself into a box shape. With clear tape, tape to secure the box. If needed, you could always wrap a bit of red ribbon or red tape around the outside for extra security.

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Use the hole punch to punch a small hole on top. Fold a brown cleaner in half and slide through the hole. Bend and shape for the stem.

Cut 2 leaf shapes from the green construction paper and tape or glue behind the stem.

Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes #GoldfishMoments (ad)

Fill your Apple Paper Plate Snack Boxes with your favorite Goldfish® crackers variety! You can always get more inspiration and ideas from Goldfish® crackers on Pinterest. And be sure to check out all the back to school ideas at Our Kid Things, too!


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