Easy 3D Ghost Craft

Are you ready for a friendly Halloween ghost craft that you can make in literally minutes? Then this Easy 3D Ghost Craft is exactly what you’re looking for! Or not looking for. Because they’re ghosts. Boo!

Easy 3D Ghost Craft main image

The ghosts in this craft use folded pieces of white paper to form a neat 3D effect, with the ghosts popping off the page. This would make for a great card, or hang up a bunch with different colored backgrounds for a fun Halloween garland.

Easy 3D Ghost Craft styled image on white background

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Easy 3D Ghost Craft craft supplies needed

For our Easy 3D Ghost Craft you will need white paper, cards of cardstock, a black sharpie, a glue stick, and scissors. Such an easy Halloween craft that’s great for all ages!

Make a Paper 3D Ghost Craft for Halloween

Supplies needed:

  • White paper
  • 4×4 cards of cardstock – assorted colors
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by gathering 5 sheets of regular white printer paper.

fold white paper in half

Fold all the sheets in half.

cut ghost shapes

At the fold, cut out a ghost shape. This way all the pieces of paper have the same shape.

glue side of paper pieces together

Begin gluing one side of one ghost shape to the side of the next.

paper 3d pop out

Do with all the ghosts until you have a pop out, 3D effect.

ghost glued to blue card

Now, glue one bottom side of the ghost to a colorful card. Ours were roughly 4×4 in size. And glue the other side, too.

eyes and mouth drawn with black sharpie

Then separate the ghost in the middle. With a black sharpie draw eyes on both sides, and a mouth in the center.

3d ghost craft on blue card

Reshape your ghost so that it pops back out again.

3d paper ghosts

Aren’t they spook-tacular? My kids and I agreed, these ghosts are definitely more on the friendly like Casper side.

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Easy 3D Ghost Craft styled image on white background

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