Easy Kids Party Food Ideas

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Easy Kids Party Food Ideas
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Hosting a kids party is no easy feat and when it comes to feeding everyone, you would be forgiven for feeling a bit panicked! But there are a few simple recipes that can help you put on an amazing spread. The key is to make life as easy for yourself as possible and to cheat wherever you can!

Putting out a range of foods is the best way to ensure that everyone finds at least one thing they are willing to eat. You would be surprised by what children are happy to eat when they are left to their own devices and can pick and choose without any pressure. So, while you might like to put some fun foods out, don’t be afraid to try a few more grown-up foods too.

Chips and Dips

No party is complete without chips and dips and plenty of dips are really easy to make too. Greek meze-style dips are the best and The Mediterranean Dish offers a few recipes including an amazing formula for hummus. Guacamole and sour cream-based dips are also great, as is tomato salsa. All you need to do is buy your favorite chips.

Mini Sandwiches

Making sandwiches for a platter is mostly about construction so won’t take too long. However, if you want to shake things up and add a little novelty, you could create some peanut butter and jelly snake skewers.

Pitta breads are also a great idea – especially if you want the kids to do all the construction work for you! Simply put out bowls of different fillings like cheese, tuna and chicken and let them build their own.


Cupcakes are ideal at a party – if only because you don’t need to slice them and they come with their own wrapper. There are a few basic cupcake recipes that work really well but the best trick is this: don’t decorate them yet! Instead, put a simple white buttercream on top and then let the kids loose with sprinkles, sauce, chocolate buttons and sweets. All kids love this kind of party activity and it will save you some time too. Win-win.

Refrigerator cakes are also brilliant. Most recipes don’t require a lot of ingredients and, like most things, can be turned into party cakes with a handful of sprinkles.


While it’s tempting to fill the kids up with lots of sugar and fat, ultimately, lots of children will want something a little lighter. You would be surprised by how many kids will go for fruit, especially when it is in a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone! Grapes, strawberries, raspberries and banana slices all work really well.


Okay, so the kids might not be so impressed with the salad but if you put out some carrot and cucumber batons, they might just go for them. The grown-ups at your party will certainly enjoy the crunch and if everyone is building pittas, salad is a natural choice.

Party food is all about fun so while healthy options should be on the table, let your kids pick and choose as they please – you can fill them with vegetables later!

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